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Temptation Lyrics

Peep the culture's mentality Saturated by sexuality Attracted by sensuality Fantasizing a false reality Here's the technicality We're trying to fill a spot created for spirituality It's grown to epic proportions It's turned a beautiful thing into an ugly contortion Take caution When you browsing on the web late nights Cuz there's over 300 million porn sites It starts with small bites But beware your appetite can grow Statistics will show / It.s an epidemic that over 50 million Americans now know Cuz their addicted/ They can't evict it It.s wrecked their expectations their afflicted It.s big business Bigger than all pro sports put together $12 Billion dollars (watch out) temptation is clever- Chorus You got to know (repeated 4x.s) you can make it you can take it (2x's) Vs. 2 Sex sells and the culture buys From CD's, to cars, to French Fries Legs, breasts, and thighs Marinating in your thoughts it ain't wise From Tims and Jeans To suits and ties It all starts with the eyes For the girls and especially for the guys Lust entices with the tantil - eyes It's no surprise We try to take something that ain't ours - we plagiar - eyes In our mind we try to re-shape reality we love to custom eyes But the result we despise The consequences come in and wreck us with the vandal eyes Don't fall for the lies Don't fall for the disguise Let's stand up together and rize and open our spiritual eyes See the truth see the proof let's unite and mobile eye- Chorus Bridge You're checking out the girls in the mini-skirts Now I know your flesh wanna put in work But that's not how he told you how you should live And I know they looking good in the videos But that's not what he made all of these women for Call his name I promise that he'll forgive- Vs. 3 Sometimes we think we're strong and that we're exempted But we have to be real and admit that we're tempted / It's easier to avoid than it is to resist This was clear in Matthew 6 with Jesus' prayer list Lead us not Into the situations that's hot But our flesh likes the heat before you know it you forgot But hold on to the God's rope 2 Timothy 2:22 can be your knot Choose to stop- Chorus 1 Cor. 10:13 says that God is faithful. He will keep the temptation from becoming so strong that you can't stand up against it. When you are tempted he'll show you a way out so that you won't give into it! So, next time your tempted look for that strength from God and look for that way out he'll provide it that's word.

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Record Label(s): 2007 Urban D

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