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My grandparents immigrated for food not for loot
It ain’t cute
you ain’t got nothing to eat
And got no spiritual foundation under your feet
Now that’s some real heat
had no heat
that’s some real street
They had no street
They had no Christ – They had no peace
then they met him and know they really know peace
Their new worldview broke tradition
Their new worldview
provoked cultural suspicion
Their new worldview brought even brought division
But that same worldview got
you listening
It was passed down from my parents to me
I got this unorthodox family tree
If you get
down with the movement you can be fam with me
We making this music to make the people free-
Unorthodox –
We rock your city blocks
We rock your roof tops
We rock your boondocks
Unothodox –
We shake your shell tops
We shake your top rock
We shake your boombox
Unorthodox –
We break your old clocks
We break your hard knocks
We break your old locks
Unorthodox –
We break your stereotypes
We shake your stereo right
We let you know Christ rocks!
Grew up a pastor’s kid aka a PK
and in Philly kid,
it’s hip-hop every day
It’s so easy to stray /with no street
I found myself browsing the wrong sites
Those were some long nights
Spiritually - some real fights /
Until I stopped fighting and dropped my rights
And got connected – let him edit my profile
My space - used to
be so vile
it’s so wild
How his software can clean your hard drive and make you a new child
His new community
with all the friends I’ve made
Check my music player – all the songs they’ve played
all the comments
My tour dates – all the places I’ve played
It’s an unorthodox page
cuz of the path he paved
cuz of the
price he paid
My lifestyle reps Christ cuz of the life he gave-
On my journey’s people ask my occupation
I tell em’ I’m a pastor and an artist – there’s amazement
True engagement
/ Sometimes I wish I could take they look and frame it
They can’t picture a cat that’s braided
Cuz the
old school presentation got em’ jaded
But so many people waited
(For a ministry out the box)
With no cultural
(Crossover Church) – unorthodox
fades and fitted’s
A multi-cultural faith community that’s
To the great commandment and the great commission
We orthodox in our beliefs,
but not in our
We into Biblical context and not tradition
Cuz we’re more concerned about your heart’s condition
got a passion from God) – so we’re Purpose Driven
We look just like you – but we found what’s missin’-

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cierra November 21, 2011-15:38

my man us sayin datt we cant be othodox caught up in dis worldy pollution but we need to find a sollutin so keep sayin wat u sayin ...urban d u go hardd
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