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Vs. 1 (Urban D.) We always look to what next - but what about now / We grind long hours - by the sweat of our brough / The system's so foul / Got us thinkin' we need it / Work more - spend more - got us thinkin' we'll beat it / But, the cycle's repeated / We get so conceited / It gets me heated / So I heeded / The calling / I'm not called to be ballin' / That's the freight most hip-hop is hauling / And it's appalling / From that point of view we're all broke / King Solomon said riches are just like smoke / They'll vanish / But, most of us live so dope - compared to the rest of the planet / But, ya'll staring at me like I'm speaking Spanish / I don't have 3 houses and 9 cars - but I think I'll manage / I'll think I'll get by / Like Christ said it's easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye- Chorus 1 I appreciate His abundant provision / That He's Given / Content is how I'm livin' Vs. 2 (Surreal) Family, friends, good times - chillin' - sittin' around a full plate of food just building / looking to the future while learning from the past / And I try to put my mind upon the things that will last / Not just the cash - the fame and the jewelry / I praise his name all the rest is Tom foolery / Not chasing after bling and monetary gain / But, I wanna enter heaven with a honorary name / Cuz the truth bust the lies wide open / We're just a grain of sand on the shore of God's ocean / Life that we're living is a small increment / We're created in his image so we're God's fingerprints / So live a life of purpose / Scratch beneath the surface / The master of all things lived a servant / gave his life for my sins an immediate / It's something I can't even begin to appreciate- Chorus 2 I appreciate His amazing grace / Sins He'll erase / He pleads my case Vs. 3 (Urban D.) Father I appreciate - you loved us first / When we spit in your face and curse / We was at our worst / You let your veins burst / For our transgressions/ We got obsessions with temporary possessions / It seems we can't learn our lessons / Forgive us- help us acknowledge your blessings / Father - I thank you for Christ - I thank you for my daughters - Thank you for my wife / This new life / Is so gorgeous / Your love has no strings attached - like a cordless / I was lord less / But, for 11 years now I've at this full time / I've been privileged to speak, to write, and rhyme / To adults and youth / People might trip at the method - but, yo - let's appreciate the fruit / Let's appreciate his vision / Let's appreciate he's risen / Let's learn to be content and appreciate his provision- Chorus 3 I appreciate His unconditional love / It's all love / The creator shed His blood

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Record Label(s): 2007 Urban D

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