On Some Lyrics

Feat Apollo and D.A.Y

Aint nobody f**king with the team
Nova gang yeah we blow that green
Niggas try to get in my face
I got my young nigga in the back door and they ready
Cuz you aint on what I be on cuz I be on sum shit
Some shit
I be on some shit
Cuz you aint on what I be on cuz I be on sum shit
Some shit
I be on some shit

[Swateezy - Verse 1]
I'm just chilling, cold then a biiiitch
I be on some shit, my team come equipped
But understand I'm the man with a plan and a bad foreign wimme in the whip
She all on my dick, but I ain't savin hoes
If I get it then I spend it I ain't saving o's
I'm just pavin roads, f**k with nova gang then the case is closed
My face exposed so read my lips, one middle finger up, other hand on my dick
That's G shit, Casanova cool check my Creez bitch
I be spitting harder then a sneez is
I be spitting game like Steven a smith, or skip bayless
Like first take its, like I'm melo in the clutch, you know that imma make it


[Apollo - Verse 2]
Talkin bout promethazine in my cup
Yea it got my body leanin all kinda ways
Yea I'm chillin wit my niggas swateezy and day
Checkin in to the money like a nigga gettin paid
I'm killin shit new jack city flow ya I'm dealing shit
Lookin at man masterplan you understand that I blue print this shit
Holy grail magna carta I'm the holy grail
Told me to sell my soul so yea I sailed
Towards the cash so people think I'm goin to hell na
Not me goin down that easy not likely
Goin hard on the beat so lights please
Killin wit my nigga day and swateezy


[D.A.Y - Verse 3]
Nova Gang we the greatest always stay faded
Nigga mind twisted like my hair was braided
Eyes on asian, I cannot take it, higher then a spaceship,
Never smoking basic, man that shit amazin
Got me feeling good, but I'm moving slower then the matrix,
Hahh, I be on sum shit
I aint f**kin unless she suckin what I told the bitch
Cause you aint on what I be on but ya bitch be on my Diiicckkk
And you aint smokin what I be smokin cause I be gettin Liiittt
I'm that nigga riigghtt, f**kin wit the Nova we'll end ya liiffee
And I'm leanin right, double cup full of dirty sprite.


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