Hot Right Now Lyrics

Feat. Jacco And Lil Era

[Chorus - Jacco]
Cool Snap Cool Watch Cool Greys On
Must Be On Point Cuz All They Eyes Laid On Me
But I'm What's Hot Rite Now
Nigga I'm What's Really Hot Rite Now
Cooler Den A Fan Cool Crew Cool Do
I'm Da New Kid On Da Block So Nigga Who Is You
I'm What's Hot Right Now
Nigga I'm What's Really Hot Right Now

[Verse 1 - Jacco]
Cool Ya Self Lil Lady Take A Fan
You Really f**kin Pretty But You Not Up In My Plans
You Need To Slow Ya Roll Girl Like A Traffic Jam
She Say I'm So Hot Might Create Havoc Man
How Could I Be So Hot But So Cool
Hotter Then Miami And I'm Colder Then The Go Too
Get Off The Gas Jacc You Need To Refuel
That's What Them Hatin Niggas Say That's What Them Hatin Niggas Do
But I Don't Pay Em No Attention
Real Niggas Know That I'm Hotter Then The Kitchen
With The Stove And The Pot Wait Hold Up Intermission
Can't Talk Like That Man Them Hot Boys Listenin
Cooler Then The Shade On A Summer Day
With Ya All Black Shades And A Blunt A Purple Haze
Like, it's All Gravy Nigga
Now Das Cool, Now That's Cool


[Verse 2 - Lil Era]
Baby you see all that smoke
All around ya
That's cuz my niggas burning
Pounds of that sour
These beast I devour
The slip is a power
And even Osama
Could bring down this tower
Yo teezy
Jacco is home
He Got that nigga on the phone
We got this paper chase on
That's what we do
When our niggas is down
We pick em up turn Em round
And put they feet on the ground
Cuz we hot right now!
And ya nigga is ice cold
I could warm ya plate while keepin my ice froze
Wiping my snot nose
Cuz this game so cold
And I'm so hot
Texas weather what I'm on
I got mo tracks in the back
Like I'm hiding a stash
Of good weed from my folks
In fact, I got a trophy wit my name on it
Back stage at the Grammys just waitin for me to come and bless my game on it


[Verse 3 - Swateezy]
Ok I'm Casanova smooth, Menthol cool
Yeah I f**ked your girl but what you gone do
Lifestyle lavish, I'm stackin up cabbage
You aint got no bite, you a barker like Travis
I like em black like Sabbath
And if they bad, I put them on the sink and tap it
Shit yall aint get that so imma take a step back
(Talks) cuz sink waters called tap water
Now sit back, and watch as I live out this irony
They copy, right I guess that's piracy
You live on pride rock cuz that's where the lyin (lion) be
Call be Pixar I'm smashin every bitch eyeing me
There aint no tyin me I'm goin for the gold
I do this shit for jacco so I'm goin for the go
But I'm in Texas I'm pourin up the slow
Sittin back thinkin how I'm hot but so cold


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