We Fly Lyrics

Feat. Lique

[Lique - Verse 1]
Sign the x, and you you'll be next.
Give away ya soul and then get money rolls.
But I Gotta stay real, tryna get a deal. Yeah we been eatin, but this yo last meal.
Tell me why a young nigga can't get paid,
Listen to my music boy I swear it'll get you laid,
Knock niggas out in the first round, go to church now, cause you hurt now,
Yo bitch f**kin for sure now,
And she gon wear my shirt out.
I'm up next it's my turn,
Yo girls legs on my side burns.
You a moped, Ima 18 wheeler like I got wide turns.
f**k a hater,
I'm from Florida go gators,
Fly right over yo head like see you later.
While they in the office, I'm out buyin them outfits.
Started from the bottom no wonder you couldn't top this,
Women in the top floor, and they gettin topless.
Niggas tryna be like me bitch you can't crop this.
I ain't bored I got all these whores, washing up on my shore.
That's for sure, they love me for me, they gon f**k if I'm rich or poor.
f**k around and say the wrong thing kick in the door.
Lay em on the floor, on you whores.

[Swateezy - Chorus]
Ok I'm flyer then a saucer, nobody f**kin with our roster
Stay smokin like a Rasta, you stay lion like mufasa
Ya main thang we tossed her, let her meat balls like pasta
You misplaced and lost her, lost your baby like foster

Cuz we fly and you know that x4

[Swateezy - Verse 2]
I'm in G mode, stick to the G code
I'm a body of water in the artic you know you sea cold
This flow here premo, semo green like c lo
Pockets swole like d-bo, I want it owl like a tree hole
See bitch, you a freak hoe, and you say you want me hoe
So I part 2 your legs like a sequal, I'm tha guy yo no pico
It's just me and lique tho, all these bitches foul, but I still hit like free tho
Don't speak tho, if it ain't bout the cashflow
Bad bitch imma smash so I mac attack that apple
The lac is black as ash tho, inside whiter then my complexion
Bitches up in my section, offering love and affection
No cuffin, no arrestin, no 5-0, just 5 hoes coming from all directions
To get on my pole like elections
Her head down like depression, the point that I'm stressing
Is like my dj cuz imma b flexxinn


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