Up Next Lyrics

Feat. Lil Era & Apollo

Up Next

[Swateezy - Verse 1]
Rollin up in the whip
Ridin with my top down got me feelin like the shit
That's why all these haters pissed
Got a bitch that's thick like grits
She think il cuff her but to leave her is the only way she'll get missed
Shit, we don't love these hoes
We just f**k these hoes just to get a fix
I call her Jane cuz she gonn have fun with the dick
Classy but she spit
Let me bust all on her tits
Then I dip cuz it's time to grind there's money out to get
Got that hustla mentality but walk around casually
Cuz I live my dreams and I dream reality
I just feel like I'm the next up
That's why I'm walkin with my neck up
Head high not givin a f**k
Middle finger to the doubters
I'm after that kanye west power
Nuff said pink slip, the time is ours
Life gave me lemons so I left em sour
Ha yeahhhh

[Swateezy - Chorus]
f**k you if you hated now we up next
Now we up next
Now we up next
Now we up next

[Lil Era - Verse 2]
It's the same light skin wit a scruffy face
Bust on the track ya bitch love the taste
I'm a high class nigga wit a flow like a trigga
When I bang at you niggas I don't catch a case
On a flight to the top like Khalifa
Say hello to the biz when I meet her
Then I dick her down make her drive me round then I kick her out cuz I don't need her
Six two lookin over competition
Catchin what these niggas missin
Chick on my side like a politician
Say my duke Is a hazard
Jessica Sampson
Real niggas talkin
Lames listen
Draw more attention than girls kissin
Ya hear that!
My team behind me
While you ain't got shit but a pot to piss in
Niggas need to chill wit the dick riddin
Smoke somethin
Bic lightin
Cause more terror then Benladen
While you sittin there dumb I'm scheme plottin
I'm beat merkin
You bitch twerkin
Her heart broken
Her legs open
Even though I caught the chick from a mile away
I'm still in the in zone wit a PEEPS jersey
Roll to Stop Six just to chill wit Frank
Call shotgun
Ace drive the tank
I don't give a f**k what you niggas think
I know I'm the shit cuz my flow stank
Where they do that at?
Where they do that at!
Whole crew in the back
Where they do that at! ?
On lean wit a stack
Run the stu like a trap
Whole crew in the back
Where they do that at cuz!


[Apollo - Verse 3]
Ima track abuser back then they called me loser
Gettin closer to my dreams now things niggas try to use you sayin
Remember this remember that cut your class act
Trynna be up on a niggas dick cause my pockets fat
Fresh clothes good weed sexy hoes
Now my old girls is quick to turn up they nose
I say what's goin through your mind can you tell me
Always blowin up my celly is that your motivation like Kelly
But ima keep in Rollin my mind is always flowin
Mad love for my fans cause they always growin
Cause without y'all I wouldn't be here
Something's tellin me my dreams are very near
Yes I'm workin hard workin hard on every bar
Free my mind without a gar cause I know it'll take me far
This is my desire this is what I'm made for
I got the master key I can walk through any door.


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