I Don't Lyrics

Feat. Supreme

[Supreme - Chorus]
Early in the morning imma kick it, I don't give a f**k
Vodka and some oj in my cup, I don't give a f**k
She woke me up giving me head, and I don't give a f**k
All you niggas tryna be me, all you need to give it up [x2]

[Swateezy - Verse 1]
I don't give a what
I don't give a who
It's whateva il do anything that pig-lett like pooh
Uh, old school uncle drew
But that old school sumthin new
You ever seen a four door called a coup?
She drop top when the top drop then she don't stop
Cuz she do the same thing for the crew
Ow, I'm like ALL ABOARD
Cuz we runnin a train
David Stern, I'm runnin the game
Me and supreme we one in the same
We throw her titties boy I'm not yankin your chain
That fake looking thing
You kneck turning green
Gettin head from your main
f**k is you sayin I'm the casanova
I'm outta this world call nasa over
I don't like jew, this the passover
I'm comin up to pass hova
Used to suck, but the past over
So respect me when you see me
Real recognize real and I'm feeling really stevie
Believe me, this the dynamic duo
Me and supreme, gettin spanish ass like culo
Put in the puto, then do it big like sumo
You the biggest bull, shit like kukoc


[Supreme - Verse 2]
I won't f**k unless it's my wife or my girlfriend on the side or her girlfriend on the side these niggas starting to call me vapor cause I'm on the rise the haters McDonald's beefing I'm talking supersize but that ain't real beef boy you know I keep that heat boy lebron third quarter no headband shooting streak boy you gets no relief boy I know I like to kick it but until I dismiss you ignant bitches I'm being vicious. My life's wicket like the white boys surfing or should I say tight like a 30 year old virgin. That's why I keep pushing like a baby moma birthing. I'm out here cutting up you'd think that I'm a surgeon
And it's certain that in getting paid
Your girls lurking so she getting laid
And I don't give a f**k what you say
And I don't give a full what you say


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