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Prayfemy Lyrics

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Aiyo, I've been through a lot, the game tortured me
These flames is scorching me, Allah's hands be
stretching forth for me
Sometimes I feel heavenly father be divorcing me
My life is like a biblical novel, ya'll ain't at fault
for me
The parrels of my past, almost got me a life sentence
Fatal syringe, piercing the vein of sinners
Playing who letting, these games of demons and barrels
Sware it's poison smoke, fake on the skill, the Five
Stripped of our halo and rings, evil got in us
Mad guns and heavyweight, money machine and printers
I ran the streets with them killers and skrilla getters
Gorillas dodging NARCs, seal sharks and counterfitters
Took out the side of your mouth, where slugs'll fly
Right out the side of your mouth, then everybody's
getting tied in the house
[Chorus 2X: Shabazz the Disciple]
If I could live my life all over again
I wouldn't be involved in so much sin
My money and my gun'll be my only friend
Besides you, heavenly father (pray for me)
[Shabazz the Disciple]
We go to wakes with the gun and flowers
Retaliate, man, kidnap your mate, when you hear one of
The gat snuff 'em, we cuff 'em and ductape 'em
If ya'll ain't meet our ransom demands, my niggas raped

We never gave a flying f*ck, whether you sold or you
The judge, told niggas, don't ever show they face in
this court
You come up short or you bounce with a bomb
You get hit up in broad daylight, in front of your moms
That real gangster shit, never showing faces and fifths
Pop witnesses to get them cases dismissed
Call me an animal, man, the streets raised me
Somebody must of prayed for me, cuz God saved me
[Chorus 2X]
[Shabazz the Disciple]
I thank Allah for the star and crescent
And for my many blessings, coming 'cross the lessons as
an adoslescent
We scare beards for them weapons possessions
And for the fan whose coming home right now, rapping on
back stretches
The Gods orchestrate hits like Beethoven
Acting in concert, for that weight, the gates closing
The Passion of the Hood Je-sus, eyes are firery
From the burning bush, grill of Grey Goose, hit the
And post bail for that pearly trey deuce, see Crips and
On the camera, real gang truce
My second coming got them infedels naucious
Cuz I spit that hell fire, have 'em kissing they
Affiliated with them gangstas and bosses
Bout to heaven, flying silly sevens; abortions
They know a milli' gangstas, who ready to spray for me
Them old ones try'nna kill me, man, so pray for me
[Chorus 2X]

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Record Label(s): 2021 Black Stone of Mecca
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