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Kiss Of Betrayal (hug Of Judas
Shabazz The Disciple


Kiss Of Betrayal (hug Of Judas) Lyrics

[Intro: Shabazz the Disciple]
Yeah... I'm still alive, nigga
Aiyo, Chuck, these niggas is f*cked
Word... ya had the pearly handle tucked
Legend... what up, let's get it on, nigga
I'm here now, the imperial, they wanna bury them
Shabazz, nigga, yo, yo, yo, yo
[Shabazz the Disciple]
2007 A.D., Judas is scouting, be cooking up the crystal
in the Marriot
Tucking blackened pistols in the chariot
A thousand one disciples who are hustled in the valley
Composers in they caskets, still, they fear who carry
The reason why I still exist, cuz I see omen
In the hood we stake and thrown up your fist by the
Too many gangstas, danger pierced by the needle of
conscious palette
Big up your shells with fingerprints, only the Gods is
bout it
Satan got ways to make it observation, chasing my
And tried to infiltrate the God brigation
For diamonds, rubies and silver, who lie, I pierce ya
Right each in the hands of getting enemies, you'll be
These jezebels in hotels spreading the plague
Slave the rope and dudes, with the hell fire between
they legs
Too many funerals with closed caskets and pictures
But I survived, I'm still alive, describe the hood
[Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple]
You'd rather see me with them cuffs on my wrist, in
You'd rather see me on that bus, then be making bail
The only nigga I can trust, in this myst of hell

The hug of Judas, the kiss of betrayal
You'd rather see me on that cross, in my wrist with
You'd rather see me on that bus, then be making bail
The only nigga I can trust, in this myst of hell
The hug of Judas, the kiss of betrayal
[Shabazz the Disciple]
I close my eyes, and see visions of being in heaven
Surrounded by them angels, slain by enemy's weapon
Believe it, I'mma die in the hood tonight
But go out blasting, you feel the Passion of the Hood
My bandana's my crown of thorns, my Timberland's my
holy sandals
Sign my obituary, then burnt seven holy candles
Before my ashes go in that urn, in that f*cking mantle
I'mma see your ass at the pearly gates with the pearly
Move with them God disciples who be tatted up with
Niggas in the blasphemy, with the rifle and never was
And if you happen to get the drop, you better put 'em
through me
And close your eyes, cuz my niggas'll are coming to
send you to me
I hear them whispering in the dark, plotting to exhale
I see them fastening my cross, til the streets prevail
Piercing my side, for the hungry, kiss of betrayal
Hood hatings, from gun battles, now stones of hell
So I see my black ghetto rise, can't close my eyes yet
Can't leave my seeds out here, nigga, I can't die yet
My will of living, so strong, if I get hit in the head
I'm in ICU, in a coma, shaking the f*cking bed,
Behind the trigger, or in front of the bullet
Never cross a nigga who ain't afraid to die and got the
heart to pull it
So make sure you finish the job when you come and get
And say ya prayers, muthaf*cka, cuz you coming with

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