Angel Tearz Lyrics

[Shabazz the Disciple]
Immortalize by this life, but I ain't Makaveli
You ain't the real God's Son, shots across the belly
Shoot up your tattoo, man, give you a halo
You mean, he shot nine times, man, ya'll better pray,
[Chorus 2X: Shabazz the Disciple]
I hear when angel's cry, and broken wings could fly
On cloudy days, I see they tears falling from the sky
Every night I kneel and pray, and I ask 'em why
You passed away, and shed a million, father wiped my
[Shabazz the Disciple]
Why did you have to leave this earth on such an early
I gazed out to heaven and see your soul into a pearly
I'mma see you when I get there, when I reach the pearly
Gotta fulfil my prophecy, or the soul hold me in place
At night I pray that Jehovah, raise the gate for his
Who be doing God's work on this earth, and on the days
of sober
Satan be having my heart racing, while I'm tasting
So my fate was erasing, I free your wake was on my
blatent fork
Stomp the earth with a cursed shadow, my path is narrow
Apparrel keep the visions of looking down that f**king
Ghetto soldier in formation, ducking incarceration
And them CIA agents who be plotting by assassination
Blasphemy, they whispered in them to blast for me
Let he who has no sin, bust the first shot after me
For adverseries trying to clap me for my wealth
My spirit'll leap out my body, jump in yours and make
you kill yourself
[Chorus 2X]
[Shabazz the Disciple]
My life's a living testimony of the Book of Jobe

Blood on my robe, wicked adverseries around the globe
It's like a script written by God, I'm just playing my
I'm not insane, I'm a sane man, fighting for his soul
Heaven ain't but a sin away, I'm conscious of my sins
I repent and obey and praise the most high every night
I pray
Though I'm hovered by black clouds, I feel the presence
of the heavens 'pon me
Illuminate gravity, saying, cuz they want me
Every Easter Sunday, I suffer crucifiction
Three days of resurrection, 40 days later, spiritual
At night I sleep, trying to escape these harsh
See scary dreams and visions, like demons tore my
Death is the beginning for a man with a soul
Spiritual birth, I pray my name is written on the lamb
My journey wasn't written, prophechies since I was
God discipline is crucifying to his chosen soul...
[Chorus 2X]
[Shabazz the Disciple]
For I was, my father son, hallowed and only beloved
Inside of my mother, I love her, only Most High is
It's like my spirit decision, ascension Jacob's ladder
Elevating, splitting atoms, to shatter matter, with
He sworn all the scourners, but give praise to the
The wise shall inherit glory, but shame to the fools,
will be unholy
They have forsaken the word of God, which leads the
mind to spray, destroy of the soul
And every probe should now be wiped away
That's why I raise my chin of fate, and strive for they
I wear my hammer with salvation, and my righteous
breast plate
Will life seem like slow motion for salvation, lord of
the ocean
Meditate, colotion, we store face when the heat of the
gates are closing
For the most high, I never lost my thirst or even
Since the good die young, that's why I sin, so I can
stay here longer
I love the prophetic visions, like the prophet Isiah
This be my alpha testimony, of a soldier's prayer

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