Same Niggas Lyrics

(FEAT. Frances Elizee, J Dot R, R.H. Bless)
[Intro: J Dot R]
Yeah, J the R, man, haha
[J Dot R]
Is it your peoples all you really trust
Same niggas that's quick to knuckle up and cock and
Same niggas by any means, so money is a must
Same niggas couldn't sign deals when you was locked up
Same niggas with all the green, and then they pop up
Same niggas you collect the dough from, and they sure
Same niggas that know she's wifey and still try to f*ck
Same niggas they move like squirrels trying to get a
Same niggas that was like iodine up in the cut
Same niggas I used to hustle on the blocks with
Same niggas that's always running from the cops quick
Same niggas that got locked, you thought that they
won't snitch
Same niggas that got shot, they crying like a bitch
Same niggas you probably with and know if you ain't
Same niggas that bust a clip, will leave you in that
Same nigga you think a gangsta, a straight bitch
[Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple, Frances Elizee]
You know the kind, always run off at the mouth
Claim he got a nine, but he never backing out

(The same nigga at the table at your crib
The same nigga that be hugging your kids) You know the kind, always run off at the mouth
Claim he got a nine, but he never backing out
(The same nigga took care of all his bid
The same nigga that'll pierce your rib)
[R.H. Bless]
No, I don't trust them niggas, and I don't love them
Got nothing but slugs for them niggas, I ain't grow up
with them niggas
The same niggas that'll plot and scheme, smile in your
face, then want your slot and your gleem
And everything else to envy you for, I dream by greed
The same nigga, you always knew you couldn't turn your
back on
The same ghetto sasson, you better keep your strap on
The same nigga, coming around like it's all love
But inside, his passion's to really to fill your ass up
with slug
The same nigga, we drop these verses about
You see his nervous working, point his punk ass out
[Interlude: Shabazz the Disciple]
There that nigga go right out, that faggot f*ck
[Shabazz the Disciple]
That same nigga you was in court with in handcuffs
The same nigga you sat next to on the jail bus
In shackles and jumps, same nigga, ankle to ankle
You held him down in the yard, now he plotting to shank

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