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Losing My Religion
Shabazz The Disciple
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Losing My Religion Lyrics

[Intro: Shabazz the Disciple]
Uh, losing my religion...
Word, ready to eat the devil...
[Chorus: Shabazz the Disciple]
It's like, I'm losing my religion
It's like, I'm losing my religion
It's like, I'm losing my religion
It's like, I'm losing my religion
Before I go to prison
It's like, I'm losing my religion
We strive, and through, now we living
My soul confused the decision
It's like, I'm losing my religion
Can't survive, in the street that we living
It's like, I'm losing my religion
To survive, in the street, that they living
Before I go to prison.. you know the gun smoke the
It's all living, I pray that he.. can't run...
[Shabazz the Disciple]
Aiyo, the ways of this world, leave you confused
You better be careful in those you choose
If you not the glory at a man who sinning
For though not know what it be's in
Tried and in front, and sip a verse of tea
Despite when the bullets feel the worse in me
Try not to succumb to me, versus we
No matter cursing me, or my diversity
Both hands defeat, then dance with meals
As long as suffering, is what this life and tales
So many of my niggas got killed in jail
So many obstacles here to tilt the scale
Hidden away, yet those are forsaken
And ran out of patience, roll up with Satan
Hold on the fate, when they closing the gate
Niggas know only the souls, yet the chosen forsake
Grip it like a prison bar, cage us in
I never look imporant to the majoring
Trying hard to avoid these raging sin
Cuz when you slumber by the grave, then you majoring
I stand up by the scene, shorty grab my hat
Staring at the sky, I can hear the die
Too many of my peoples shed tears and bled
I watch 'em take my last breath right there in the bed
Yo, I do what I gotta do, to feed my kids
I will be the first one to bleed if they need a rip

Sacrifice the rest, and let them bleed to live
And if you think you succede, I could see again
It's like I'm losing my religion, and survive this
world that I'm living
So confused by decision
Before I go to prison or end up smuggling dirt
With my soul risen, I pray I'm forgiven
[Chorus w/ ad-libs]
[Shabazz the Disciple]
We living in a world full of lust and hate
Surrounded by bricks in the rusty gate
Niggas'll rush you, wait, plus everyday struggle
Need to scruff the scrape, give me the flush of fate
Niggas be heading upstate on the bus with gray
Police and the judge want justice date
Causing us to break, showed us the tape
What it took God, one breath, dust to make
Using lies in this prison, to make a wise decision
Hypnotized by the God, and the sky religion
Everybody want a slice, when the pie is risen
Despise women that in the light, State I division
Use the government, roast, and they poison you
They flood the whole block with the boys in blue
Who be harassing, f*cking with the boys and you
Bring out the boy in you, no need to calling you
Get it cleared out in the air, and the vest to do
And no one has the answers
If you live, most likely, you arrested, boo
And the rest gon' die from cancer
Why they arrest in the cardiac, in the air with the
No one cares where the party at
Til my muthaf*ckin' bastard stops, and my casket drops
And the lady in the grass to rot
Look at my platoon stalls get gassed alot
I meditate, pray and fast alot...
I meditate, pray and fast alot
The reason why I survive and fell off
Cuz I can see shit before it happens
The most high almost leads you the narrowest escape
He not, then he asking trapping
So many times life flash right before my eyes
And my soul til it touch the sky
I ask why, I'm still alive, doing 5-to-7
And the 7 is God, and God is why, uh
Until it closes my eyes, and my soul touch the sky
I give praise to the most high
Until it closes my eyes, and my soul touch the sky
I give praise to the most high

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Record Label(s): 2021 Black Stone of Mecca
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