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Rap Opera
O'hene Savant
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Rap Opera Lyrics

{Act 1}

[Act 1, Scene 1: The Birth]

Welcome to Rap Opera, the mind of a guy that is not pop enough
f*ck Wagner, the times too tough to be pessimistic so his time is up
I today waver a quaver in A major
The people say what they need is a saviour
So take a fruit from the Asymme-tree
Thelonious planted in his day as a seed
The "bop" plant, pollinated by the "Be"
Pac called it the rose that rose from concrete
How do you define divine that finds street?
"Hip bop," the color of my leaves
Not turquoise, the color that I bleed
More like blue, the color is not seen
More like a Kora ora than a banjo
Or like the Mona Lisa with a Afro
Picasso of black folk
But Picasso should see himself as the white O
I write notes rhythmically not for timpani
To accomplish what Bach did for symphonies
One day it will all
It will one day make sense
'til then let's enjoy
'til then let's enjoy
'til then let's enjoy? (Let us, let us, let us, let us, let us)
There is much wackness
Killing the craft
There is just madness
And it's just sad
Now isn't it sad to see it come to this?
Isn't it sad it had to come here now?

[Act 1, Scene 2: Killadelphia Part I]

Fly away hip-hoppers, won't you fly away
Fly away hip-boppers, won't you fly away
Fly away hip-hoppers, won't you fly away
Fly away hip-boppers, won't you fly away

I can't find myself
Lost in the middle of bland
Don't nobody play nowadays, all these digital bands
Ain't nobody musicians, no more lyrical cats
How can we go forward, onward 'less we go back?
Don't nobody wanna be original and everyone thinking they bad
Rolling up on reinvented wheels, 'cause it got chrome don't mean it ain't jacked
This that inner city culture molded next to that crack
Those who couldn't play ball could find they solace in that
Find they knowledge in rap
While the cowards sit back
And hide behind the familiar, scared to steer from the past
Won't dare to veer from that path
Year to year the same tracks
Ear to ear I can't have 'cause the fear my peers defamed rap
Now we
Gotta get back to the music
Gotta give back to the youth this product and factory movement
Just die and now we inspire
Now we rise to give life to those who have been deprived of
Vision and innovation
Give 'em a new creation
Welcome aboard my spaceship
Where words become the clay and
Sculptures of sound I make 'em
This my master thesis
One of my baddest creatures I held off on unleashing
Peep it
Ill harmonic soul symphonic chronic rhymes and it's kinda hypnotic
God, it has got to be time that
I spent writing rhymes in Ghana, tryna play Amadeus and Brahms cut to now it's time for
Rap Opera

This is renaissance music (Let me tell 'em what it is)
Cyberspace music (Let me tell 'em what it is)
Intellect music (Let me tell 'em what it is)
This is African music (Let me tell 'em what it is)
Ghetto child music (Can I tell 'em what it is? Will I tell 'em what it is?)
All of our music (Gotta tell 'em what it is, better tell 'em what it is, let me tell 'em what it is, I wanna tell 'em what it is)

[Act 1, Scene 3: Roman Ridge]

One day (one day)
It's gonna get better (Yes it will)
It's gotta get better (It's got to)
One day it'll get better, better, uh huh
One day (one day)
It's gonna get better (better)
'cause it's gotta get better (uh huh)
One day it'll get better (better)
(It will) I say one day

Maybe it'll be this Sunday
Or it could even happen Monday
Don't you know it could all change one day
One day you could be in the worst state
Next day you would swear it's your birthday
Saturday you don't wanna be around now
No frowns can be found on Thursday
Yes sir
If you're lookin' at the forecast and ya can't find a reason for laughs
Just know that it can't rain always
Never know what the very next door has
Sure that storm felt like a marathon
But it's more like a 100 yard dash
I done been through the worst of the worst times
Trust me but I still seen it all pass, all pass
Don't you know that one day
Music won't be a commodity
Subject to the lies and robbery
I see, can you join in this odyssey?
I believe in the future one day
Maybe not now yes someday
In the days or years to come day
It'll change, you'll see life's something
Something, join me, say

One day....(one day)
It's gonna get better (better)
It's gonna get better (better)
It's gonna get better (better)
One day (one day)
It's gonna get better (I believe it)
It's gonna get better, better (You believe it)
I say better (better)
I say one day (one day)
It's gonna get better (better)
You better believe it (believe)
It's gonna get better (better)
I say one day (one day)
It's gonna get better (It will)
You better believe it (believe)
It's gonna get better (better)
I say one day
One day (one day)
Oh yes one day (yes one day)
One day it will get better
(Yes it will)

[Act 1, Scene 4: Sweet Dreams]

You know, sometimes you wanna fight it but in all actuality you need to let it go
You need to just let it shut down and reboot

I'm drifting, is my mind? (drifting, drifting)
Drifting in mind (drifting, drifting)
Drifting is my mind? (drifting, drifting)
Drifting, would you mind? (drifting, drifting)

Listen, this is why I'm drifting
If we knew our inner mind riffing
If we knew our inner science drifting then we'd listen when we start (drifting, drifting)
Listen to your bio rhythms drift and get into your higher image
This is where you find the light and living, people, this is my new religion
I am drifting, do you mind? (drifting, drifting)
Touching the divine (drifting, drifting)
When I close my eyes (drifting, drifting)
So much I can find (drifting, drifting)
There's no meter I could sync with
Pen to ink with
Thoughts to think with
That's relinquished
Seem to S'ilad kind of genius
It's a scratch I cure with itching
Itching to see earth from the canyons
With no aeroplane lifting, drifting
You know I'm (drifting, drifting)
I said I'm (drifting, drifting)
I am

(*guitar solo*)

I'm drifting in mind (drifting, drifting)
Drifting, is my mind? (drifting, drifting)
Drifting, do you mind? (drifting, drifting)
Me drifting out of time? (drifting, drifting)
Drifting in my mind (drifting, drifting)
Drifting, is my mind? (mind, mind, mind)
Drifting, would you mind? (drifting, drifting)
Me drifting out of time (drifting, drifting)

No I'm not dying, drifting, drifting
States feeling like I'm missing
But I leave this land of the living
Give me peace, you can't see I'm (drifting, drifting)
Drifting in my mind
Drifting, I resign
Subconscious hills travel in my brain and that's why (drifting, drifting)
Sifting through the clutter
Chaos lives
Buried in my thoughts
Yes it is
My collage of pain and
Aggravation and my inner fears
My inner beast
Lives in here
So let's have a feast, drink my tears
Drifting into this unaware of the laws of the aware
Come in here, dear
Have no fear
Share my atmosphere and hemisphere
So many people have not returned from here
Maybe there's too many lessons learned from here
I'm telling the people with open ears
Even the partially deaf I hope can hear
When I'm asleep and I drift and I see what it is to be finally living I cannot believe it, I swear

[Act 1, Scene 5: Wake Up]

7am I'm reading 'bout, what Jesus 'bout
'bout Jesus' bout with the wicked ones who snuffed Jesus out
They say for the cheese and clout
I doubt
Myself, my upbringing in question, who wrote these words? What men? I have some questions
This is when I died and thus my resurrection
Died to their lies, acquired the holy message
When you learn Christ you choose love as a weapon
Then you turn Christ and lose love as a lesson
This is the message of he who is perfected in the name of He who died for our acceptance
Accept it, reoccurs in legend, some in historical times, ours on records
Welcome to a parallel universe
You were tryna sing this song but never knew the words
They would orchestrate it for choirs all through the church
I was in the pew and knew that I had to search
We are all here 'cause fear is what they serve, you will surely die but then's the rebirth
Follow me
Out of the monotony welcome into prophecy
This is where your higher self finds its homogeny with the lower self and combines the cacophony
A place where Friedrich Nietzsche meets Socrates
Those who seek should seek until they find
And when they find, they find a troubled mind
It troubled mine until the day I aligned
Myself with the harsh truth of being divine
The desolate move few human beings'll find
The difference between being a branch and a vine
Sometimes I said to myself if I could just rewind to a simpler time I'd probably trade the design
Nobody wants a living genius
They want the death of me
So when I die they can pillage my village of legacy
Be it the Sadducees or the Pharisees that wanna trap me in the loop over sampled beats
Or those that wanna stop the Piscean from swimming
Turn my water to blood but I see 'em, I'm winning
I figured out the formula, to not having a formula
That being said, I'm only warming up
This is for the pioneers, from Primo to Pete, yo, this high science here
Avant garde East Coast, make 'em bob they heads
Nigga, my ghetto libretto the reason why they here
This Rap Opera
Confutatis, maledictis, the birth of a classical linguist ingenious
Seem less scene that's seen sorta like scenes in Scream borderline
Stephen King, he's Behemoth

[Act 1, Scene 6]

I just drift (I just drift)
Into the abyss where nothing really is
(Nothing is, it's vacant)
This is my voyage
Boy, it's incredible, exceptional
How I make illegible sketches to decibels
Something they can never do all my records do
The Matisse of the speech most memorable
And so can we (so can we)
(Switch this up and mix this up, maybe we can change this rearrange this all, all)
Maybe rearrange this
Painters of that lexicon
The most epic mind compose blessed lines
I got a cool mindset (mindset)
And my concepts are timeless (timeless)
I drift through the new physics, it's quantum
The problems of Bach I deliberately jot 'em
Process is sovereign, some describe him as god of the column
But of rhyming and so

[Act 1, Scene 7: Out The Loop]

I am free from the loops
I am out of the loops
Oops, now I am Bruce
Who's Bruce? Bruce Lee
This is chi, this is Jeet Kune Doe
From Judo I am free
From Kung Fu I am free
I am free
From the metronome
I know, I know, I know I know I gotta get out of the cage they gave me in order for me to grow
Need the liberty Jesus gave if I'm gonna make a miracle
I'm gonna take down Jericho
Co co co co co Co-sign me
Now you all believe

Siamese wonders
Wonders in the daylight
Siamese wonders
Wonders in the daylight (in the day, in the light)
Siamese wonders
Wonders in the daylight (in the day, in the light)
Siamese wonders
Wonders in the daylight (in the day, in the light)

Doesn't it resemble what you've seen in the past, is it a symbol?
When the energies crash like a cymbal
Is it the end of the song? Could be the intro
Man, if life could only be this simple
Tell it from the brothels to the temples
I am sent to he who heeds minstrels
It's my event so leave if you ain't into
God's pencil or the seer's pen too
You might say I'm changing the world, I meant to
'cause I'm the (day)
And the (light)
Fly like Morris (day)
So give me a (light)
Sike, I am the light, my tongue is that wick
Everything I brung to rap was that sick
Black magic, Rap Opera
Rooted in Somalia, intertwined with Uganda and Ghana

In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light
In the day and in the light

{Act 2}

[Act 2, Scene 1: 2012]

2012 (x5)

Wanna welcome you to the era of Youtube
Download my love, the love's mutual
Better retweet this before Google mutes you
I am O'hene, the cyberspace prophet
404 era of terror, can't stop it
Why hack? I just hijack your server
My apps attack Mac Pros with fervor
This is a movement you can't pirate
Tell me if you like it
Please don't unlike it
It's unlikely that you won't type it, right? It's

2012 (x8)

Fall behind time, you don't want to
This is the beginning and the fall of man
Later on, you shall hear from my holog…
Wait, I am glitching
I am glitching
Algorithms missing
My numeric bloodstream leaks on the country
Amadeus (dead)
Now they say that they want me
(2012) is the year of mass suicide
Unplug from the matrix, you stupid tribe
Digital nations, I came to where you would hide
Hopefully you will comply
It's now

[Act 2, Scene 2: 2025]

2025, my legacy survived
People live and they thrive on what I provide
Took me from a mortal and made me immortal
Two takes it takes on Cubase I'm through the portal
To conservatories now where they learn my story
And teach about the break-throughs of my ghetto glory
How I forever altered the way of the allegory
Became H20 the way that Bruce taught me
True story, I'm a descendant of Miles
Game couldn't dilute even though they tried to
My last award was for moving human beings forward
A recognition of what I did with phonetics
Funny how thirteen years ago they ain't get it
'til said person said after he read it
My hypothesis that leaked finally spreaded
Bloggers, gossip sites started with Reddit
Welcome to the future

2025 (*repeated*)

I can't believe it, they made me into a legend, but I'm a 
Relic, they relish in my past
This is what they did to me in history, it's sad
How they've frozen me in time, now they caught up with the 
Older me
Now that I'm the older me, they say that was a doper me
Once again I'm seeing what nobody was supposed to see
Supposedly even the people that are close to me
Think I'm over the hill, something I never hoped to be
Even I have doubts sometimes, a tough road for me
Is this the way that Glenn Gould felt taping
Songs at the r-radio station
Or maybe Beethoven when he lost his hearing?

[Act 2, Scene 3: Gethsemane CGI]

O'hene Savant
I am O'hene Savant
Came to the world to alter the method of rhyme
I interject my method of classical rap
What will it change? Every genre that's on the map

After they raise you 
Then they disgrace you
Then they figure out ways that they can try and replace you
But I am
So, why even try?
Damn, what, must I die?
To achieve what I deserve, do I gotta expire?
What if I leave?
What will my eulogy read?
Will it say I was a beast over beats or 
That somehow I schemed?
Seems like I should flee
I'm like a flea
Be be all I can be?  Maybe RIP
Damn, this means I'm toast, no suicide note
You and I both know to do that's not O
No way
(There's no way I'd ever do such a terrible thing)

Math key fade
Math key fade
Math key fade

[Act 2, Scene 4: Youlogy]

Now we are gathered here today via satellite and wifi
In the name of O'hene Savant, the blessed mic christ
Just a man but a spirit nonetheless
Who leaves behind a catalog and finally can come to rest
He's survived by a tribe that extends beyond his offspring
These are the Savants, who carry his message on sing-
Songs of the meta-verse gnostics
Was much more than an innovative rapper, was a prophet
Today we shed no tears, we are happy for transition
Our science is yet to explain this stage of a man's mission
We conclude this memorial as you chime in
On our message boards, do leave us with your comments

[Act 2, Scene 5: Lost Holly Street Tapes (unreleased)]

(After the storm)
Then comes the rain
These are the words of the prophet @Bslade
I could never be slayed or confined to a grave
Math key fade 
What that means you were played
My exit was in the first Act
Covered up by authorities
Beguiled the majority
I'm two steps ahead while they plotted it
Plans of a posthumous O'hene Savant by their operatives
Highly evolved software that manages
To perform critical analysis of statuses 
And Twitter posts that mimic O's many characters
An observation of mood plus characters
Factoring in the law of averages
Problem is when you talk about me, nothing is average
And so I planted coded language
In my opus transcript back-mask and anagrammic
Unrecorded, knowing they would come record it
With phonetic clone software, who ever woulda thought it?
But I included numbers in my rap unsupported
By their new OS, that's why OS distorted
OS, that's what they call the virtual me
O'hene Savant or operating system
Only problem is they got tired of the glitchin'
So they concocted a story ‘bout me being missin'
Worldwide sympathy, O'hene was trendin'
Three days later, my untimely death's invented
Press was avoided and only given a sentence
"O'hene is gone but not finished"

(Well, we want everyone to know that we really have a lot to work with, I mean we have albums worth of unreleased material from raps to instrumentals, ya know, there's really a lot to look forward to with OS, so really, ya know, it-it's it's not over)

Now they control my catalog, and even my 
My disciples are not even given my pictures 
The Savants secretly leak some of my scriptures
But are squashed soon as they're seen by the resistance
Forced to go underground, it's gettin' worse
Banished to the worldwide web ‘stead of the meta-verse
Simply ‘cause when the prophet is controlled
That's when the profit is controlled
I seen this before with 2Pac and this is old
Sony recycled Michael with that album and it sold
‘cause fans are really fickle
I'm tickled how sometimes labels trick you
I'm not the first artist that died that's still with you
The industry was ruined by humans and their humanity
Human evolution is not congruent with amnesty
We needed a change in our anatomy
Macro chip disc was planted, these stopped all inaccuracies
That includes sickness and even mood swings
Souls are quantized only for routine
Only those knowing of the prophecy of 'Knowing'
Knows where it's obviously going

[Act 2, Scene 6: ?tions]

Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got

How did we land ourselves in this drama?
I would say we started off with the karma comma
Hate our fate is found in the middle of it
Those who spoke of love have suffered, killed by the public
Men are suckers thus subject to be puppets
And are suckered much by little or nothing
Animal mode though we claim we are different
Cattle with clothes, it's a shame how we livin'
Groups (Groupthink, people acting like they sheep)
Everybody's in a group (Please think, please)
A clique or maybe a school (Academia trout)
Like fish, we stay in a school (Never come out)
Never asking questions
I know you got questions
Take my direction, heed my message

Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got

Here's a riddle, man, here's a frickin' riddle
What was first the omelette or Chicken Little?
The science fiction film or the new invention?
The bad decision or was it the good intention?
The composer or maybe the composition?
My position if it isn't inquisition, listen
Questions, I got questions
Why is music different from other professions?
How come I ain't dippin' in other directions?
Yet you a musician, you come up with records
In the night
In the day you a professor
Inspector, manager, manage your store and respect us
Hook with a dot, check it
Not the hook but would bring about questions
I said I got

Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got
Questions I know
Questions I know you got

[Act 2, Scene 7: Parousia]

When I return only a few will notice
The few who noticed the depths of this opus
If you can soak this in as more than song
You will be known as the chosen men after I'm gone
My death is rife 
I have died in life
Modified by Christ, embody I the light
My resurrection's prophecy
But I'm upstaged by theology mythology
Follow me my thoughts, introduces salt
To the earth, assaults at what's called a cult
Two percent involves humans that's evolved
Humans can't resolve music as an art
Being sold and bought
Souls are sold at hearts
The music business is so cold and dark
So focus on artist offerings
More than marketing
Or with all these things
Go and grab that, you don't have plenty of time
It's only a matter of time before they take your mind
Programmers decide your thoughts and design
If you live online, Tron must be your god
Google must be Luke to you so YouTube's John
A crucial time with the usual crimes
They spread my message and are crucified
That's because today we see the truth as lies
And lies as truth, you gather through your eyes 
Humanity's stuck inside a loop rewinds 
From and to the point where we were all once gods

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