Wanted To Be A Soldier Lyrics

[Intro: Layzie]
All I wanted to be, was a soldier, soldier
All I wanted to be, was a soldier, soldier
All I wanted to be, was a soldier

[Chorus x2: Layzie Bone]
Twenty-fo's on slabs, use your muscle, do the math
Since the game is up for grabs, we ain't even 'bout to ask
f*ck a cop, and his badge, man that only make me laugh
Givin you shit you never had, cookin dope up in the lab

[Layzie Bone:]
If you mad nigga, well, you ain't gon' do nothin punk
Cause I got semi-automatics comin up out of the trunk
Now what'chu want, you can get it, yo' baby mama let me hit it
Now she always tryin to kick it, you feelin smaller than a midget
I'm Hi Power, droppin this music by the hour
You can turn it up louder so I can scream on the cowards
I don't hang with the fakes, never hung with the phonies
Down with homies like Criminal and Mr. Capone-E
To the phonies all on me, like I'm still sixteen
I got sixteen in the clip, it's a grown man thang
See I'm a soldier boy, thought I told ya boy?
I'm the real McCoy, now watch me seek and destroy, oh boy
Any nigga that's thinkin they better
Pushin Mo Thug to the letter, on a whole 'nother level
While I'm runnin with these rebels, on this Crime Lab track
From the Midwest to the West; Cleveland, Cali and back


[Mr. Criminal:]
Cookin dope up in the Crime Lab, that's what the f*ck I do on the daily
Back with the homie from Bone, "New Revolution, " that's the homie Layzie
Straight from the H.P.G., still we be the most, wanted and hated
Livin the life is so dangerous, walkin with gauges, ready to bang this
And I'm sayin this, because I always say what the f*ck I wanna say
Live how the f*ck I wanna live, play how the f*ck I wanna play
Like Chamillionaire, yeah, I'm "Ridin' Dirty"
'Bout to meet with the homie to pick up what I got in the trunk, it's 7:30
And I'm up early, chasin that cheese while fools be stuck in them dreams
Smokin the motherf*ckin bomb, mind all stuck off in the good leaves
Me and my thieves, we ready to ride at any given time
Hi Power Soldiers and Bone Thugs, yeah we on the grind
It's 2006, and still we back in this bitch
It's Mr. Criminal bringin it showin the whole, world what I represent
But stress [? ], reppin that loco [? ]
Got, pride on the rise, these haters can feel these hollows - ha ha


[Mr. Silent:]
Always see me with my Hi Power Soldiers ridin for the cause
See me rippin and trippin, I'm dippin
I'm comin with riders, true cowards they fall
It's Mr. Silent comin off violent, startin a riot
You can see me in the sky, flyin a plane like a pilot
A survivor, tick-tock, provider, with the Westside
Steppin in my gang, spittin releasin knowledge full of fire (fire)
On the streets with the hustle
Comin with Layzie Bone and best believe we bringin that muscle
Bone Thugs, and Hi Power once again
Hope you tellin ya friends you can't contend
You motherf*ckers ain't gon' win
Yeah, the unstoppable gang
We makin the motherf*ckin world scream the Hi Power chant
Straight creepin, comin out of my dimension
Comin with sick intentions, I'm gonna get my redemption
Can't see us on this block, ain't never gonna stop
Bone Thugs, Hi Power straight risin to the top


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Record Label(s): 2006 Hi Power Entertainment
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