Thugged Out Lyrics

[Intro: Layzie]
All these studio ass motherf*ckin niggaz man
Tired of this shit man (Mighty Mighty Mo)
Motherf*ckers gon' bow down in deuce-double-oh-fo' (that's right)
The motherf*ckin Thugs is back nigga (the Thugs is back nigga)
The Thugs is back nigga - you ain't heard? (you ain't heard nigga)
Yeah (what?) Mo Thug, Mo Thug, nigga (watch out nigga) uhh

[Chorus x3: Layzie Bone Thin C.)]
We keep it thugged out (thugged out) and gangsta (gangsta)
We wild nigga, we crazy man

We keep it thugged out (thugged out) and gangsta (we gangsta!)
We wild nigga, we crazy man

[Thin C.:]
I'm the trigger man for God's gun, annihilate the possessed ones
The best performer of theme of the methodical war, we won
The judgment bitch was treason in the summer, winter, spring and fall
Smashin for all seasons, the fake niggaz is peons
D-O for what you N-O, the doctor of
You's a crazy ass nigga on my memo, way back when I was little
Uhh, thug is in my blood trick, bomb on a nigga like SCUD's trick
I'll pop on a nigga like what bitch, pull up to your do' with slugs bitch

[Layzie Bone:]
C'mon Thin
Harmony Harmony what'chu say? A rebel my nigga my man Lil' Lay'
How many niggaz gon' die today? I'm a grind to stay in the line-up man
Y'all niggaz is watered down, from the ghetto man to my part of town
East 99 where the criminals bow, feelin me now? I'm startin them now
Powder 'em down, y'all wanted clown, let off rounds we blaze it
Home will be the safest while you lookin at me in amazement
Go on and take it man we don't play with life, my shit is sacred
I was sellin them ki's of dope while y'all was playin Patty's Bakers Man


[Layzie Bone:]
Nigga I'm the rawest yeah the rawest, one the coolest Cleveland bosses
Lyrics be flowin like from a faucet, E-Mortal Thugs nigga we flawless
We the M.T.F., Mo Thug my Family with a Grammy
So my music be sayin somethin straight up bumpin, y'all can't handle me
f*ck these other rappers be biters, better give me my peace
Hand me them keys and hand me that cheese, put a motherf*cker on they knees
Buster please try to retaliate, I bring the greatest out of retirement
Beat a old man down to the ground ya heard?
Tell a motherf*cker who yo' idol is
Ride with this or collide with this, suck it but just don't bite it
You can try but we don't buy it, my family undivided
Stay the highest we the flyest, Little Layzie will start a riot
I come through bumpin my gums, L-Burna don't ever keep quiet
I started this and I'm a finish this
I'm a menace that's gunnin and pinnin shit
I flip the script and stay dipped, Eazy-E shouldn'ta put me in this shit
Man I'm finna take over, I'm a camoflauge straight soldier
Be lookin out over your shoulder, cause the Bone's break is over nigga


[D.J. Dre Ghost:]
Now tell me what the f*ck is a-going's on
We gets wild nigga, we gets crazy man
Now with all that, y'all doin
Ya can't f*ck with us
Mo Thug niggaz too tough and, we'll hurt ya
So bitch back on up
Cause this business gets rough and, you knew that
Your wig will get cracked, mm-hmm L.D.T. on this track

[Layzie Bone:]
Y'all better be baggin up, ready for robbery maskin up
Get it and hit it you askin us, money mo' money my passion what
Nigga I'm all about timin, while the rest of the world is dyin
A killer for realer gorilla man, I'm a tell you this movie is no lyin man
I'm gon' get ya, but you gon' perish
It's that money that you cherish, or that baby in the carriage
Take a hit, rock and roll with L.D.T., T-H-U-G
This ain't the lifestyle for you but it's the one for me


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Songwriter(s): Amefika Williams, Howse, Bell
Record Label(s): 2005 Mo Thugs Records
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