Real Niggas Lyrics

I only ride with real niggaz, only ride with real niggaz
Only ride, only ride, only ride with real niggaz
I only ride with real niggaz, only ride with real niggaz
Cause real niggaz do real thangs

[Layzie Bone:]
Do you really wanna ride (ride)
With a nigga from the East 9-9 (9)
Where the cities and streets are mine (mine)
And the hustlers stay on the grind (grind) all the time
It's designed, for warriors and rebels to win
Them pussies and fakes don't get in
This life is a gamble
How much can you handle? It's redrum
On the race against the clock, why not?
Benz dropped, lil' nigga from the Glock
Done went and turned general, here we go, shit can get critical
Aimin at your mental when I'm lettin off shots
I'm the crook that wrote the book
Taught niggaz how to clean, taught niggaz how to cook
Jumped outta the kitchen and then started twitchin
By the way did I mention Lil' E, good look - yeah!
Real niggaz do real thangs, it don't stop
Real niggaz play no games on my block
Real nigga shit, this is real as it get
Since '93 we been killin it - they feelin it
Some niggaz come and then some niggaz go
But the real stay around cause they know we get down
And most of these niggaz is studio

[Chorus x2]

[Layzie Bone:]
I'm a put in my work on this planet, I mean it goddamn it
I keep it so thuggish they can't understand it
I live it, I breathe it, don't take it for granted
The powers that be can't do nothin but panic
Yeah I got 'em shook like 'Pac said, look
+All Eyez on Me+ when I'm celebratin
They still got a beef against the Thug Nation
They never had love so f*ck what they hatin
Been labeled a menace and put it in Guinness
You better go check my manuscript
Killa fo' realer, drug dealer my nigga
Just kick it and bail through the 'Land with my clique (shit)
Better peep what the wind blew in
Cause y'all better move, I'm finna get started
Lil' L-Burna from the +Land of Tha Heartless+
Strapped with a nine, don't make me spark it
Roll or get rolled over partner
Number One, nigga that's my name
Winnin, scorin, stayin on point
Better gimme the ball, cause that's my thang
No disrespect, better run with the best of the best
From the North to the South
From the North to the South to the East to the West, oh yes

[Interlude: Layzie]
Real niggaz do real thangs (I'm a do my thang, I'm a do my thang mayne)
So I'm gonna do my thang (I'm a do my thang, I'm a do the damn thang)
Real niggaz do real thangs (I'm a do my thang, I'm a do my thang)
So I'm gonna do my thang (I'm a do my thang, I'm a do my damn thang)


[Layzie Bone:]
Nigga feel that beat in your chest when you're leanin and swervin
Bass in ya back, you feel it, you heard it
Hand on the wheel, no need to be nervous
Ride with a G, everything'll be perfect
(Yeah, that's right) Put it all on the surface
Dirty as we ride, it'll all be worth it
'Til the wheels fall off, nigga that's the purpose
Nothin but the best cause we deserve it
They know when I'm comin
Cause niggaz can hear me before they can see me
And they can't believe it cause I'm bumpin Eazy-E
They just seen me on TV
Navigate through the streets dawg
Keep it real to the beat, that ain't no secret
Jump outta the Jeep car
Run up in the liquor sto', hit the freezer
Grab a Olde Gold, like my four-oh
My flow's so cold I gotta have some
Turn the music back up to the maximum
Them niggaz hatin on us but I laugh at 'em
I got a 9-millimeter that'll get me to the trunk
If I make it to the trunk I'm a pop that trunk
Y'all already know comin outta the trunk
Is a A.K. who, and a 12-guage what?


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