Intro: It's Not A Game Lyrics

[intro skit plays until 1:03]

[Layzie Bone:]
Yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)
L-Burna (L-Burna baby)
It's not a game (it's not a game)
Uhh, what?

Layzie Bone bringin it to ya like (what what)
Where I'm from it's cutthroat
Grimy is the way we live and whinos is dopefiends
Occupyin an abandoned buildin, smokin in the alleyway
Across from where the children play
Bullets ain't got no names on 'em but they flyin around the stray
Chasin after the innocent ones when the wicked ones they goin hard
Tell me why is it like this dawg, why the ghetto leave me permanent scars?
No time for education, we hustlin just to eat
Scramblin tryin to make it man, it is hectic on these streets
The fiend is what they issue out, tell me what yo' issue about
The landlord want his money now but the landlord 'bout to kick you out
Baby needs some Pampers too, plus a can of Similac
She blew that money smokin crack, why you think she seem like that?
Damn my story grim like that, and it's always been like that
Did the Lord take my blessings away? If he did, can I win 'em back?
Hope he got a plan for me and I pray he don't forget my name
14 years old I'm already knowin life is not a game
Pain and this agony, best friends backstabbin me
You don't wanna see me come up, y'all niggaz just want to laugh at me
But y'all don't know the half of me, if you did you wouldn't judge me
Would everybody be diggin a thug when a thug be livin lovely?
And I know because I made it out, but I musta made a U-trun
I'm right back where I started dawg, and ain't none of y'all concerned
This time I got bail money if I have to move that white again
Lock me up throw away the key and I know y'all ain't gon' write again
Standin on my own two, dyin with my boots on
Ready for whatever come my way if I'm forced to face the truth holmes
In and out of group homes, they say Little Lay's defiant
But I'm searchin tryin to find my way, lookin for some guidance
My role model's the dopeman, pimps killers and thieves
They say these streets, is the way so I guess this is the life I lead
Speedin up a one-way, the wrong way, from which I came
Switchin lanes in the fast lane, feel my pain, it's not a game

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