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[ad libs for first 14 seconds]

[Layzie:] We them thugstas from the 9-9

[Chorus x2: Layzie Bone (Dre Ghost)]
Got game, do thangs, big thangs (it's them thugs, it's them thugs)
We them thugstas from the 9-9
Got game, do thangs, big thangs (it's them thugs, it's them thugs)
We them thugstas from the 9-9

[Layzie Bone:]
Nigga I'm "The Answer" like A.I., and "The Truth" like T-Mac
It's Little Layzie Bone puttin my city on the map
Got more game than a motherf*ckin referee
That be the shit, motherf*cker you wanna step to me
Niggaz that wants to test that nigga Lay' Bone, call up Kray' Bone
Flesh Bone, Wish Bone, niggaz be gettin +Bizzy+ on
Any nigga think they ready to f*ck with the Thugs
You catch a slug f*ckin with us, nigga you know we gets 'em up
It's the certified platinum playas pimpin through your city
Got niggaz lookin with envy cause they bitches wanna get with me
We the worldwide ballers now, and everywhere I go
I keep my heat right by my side, in case y'all ain't know


[Dre Ghost:]
Now Dre Ghost reppin from L.A. to Cleveland, city to f*ck with L.B.
And we migrated to grimy down to the A-T-L, feel me?
And we stay thuggin in the streets to make our ends meet
By all means necessary we've got to put it down
So lace your boots up now if you're thuggin with us
Definition to the streets; in thugs we trust
It's a must that we bust, that means shit is f*cked up
But we gots to handle it, dismantle it, and that's for them and not us
You won't see what I'm sayin, you need to read between the lines
Think about dangerous minds, true thugs don't die
We'll multiply in size, through harmony it was taught
Off St. Clair and 99, perfect timin was brought


[Layzie Bone:]
They tell me y'all be slitherin, better stay away from them bitter men
Cause niggaz'll catch you slippin and leave you stankin like a chit-lin
Hoes and they gang guys thinkin everythang perfect
Better come clean like detergent and get that [? ] like a surgeon
I ain't talkin about Dr. Dre, the Dre that's a Ghost
The one you see with mighty Mo Thug, that be thuggin the most
Coast to coast, Cleveland to Cali, Chuck Taylor and Bally's
And I ain't tryin to form a committee, I'm keepin it alley
With my dopeman, [? ] in Hollis
In my six-tre Impala, with a Benzo to follow
Swallow baby, holler baby, if you all about the dollar baby
We just so polished baby, Mo Thug niggaz live and crazy

[Dre Ghost:]
Oooh yes, it's Thugs
It's them thugs, it's them thugs...
It's them thugs, it's them thugs...
It's them thugs, it's them thugs

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Record Label(s): 2006 Hi Power Entertainment
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