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Which is the ritual of libation [?] libation
And what we will use for our libation
Which is merely a wonderful way of showing respect
To all those who have gone before us
Upon whose shoulders we stand
(My Brother Dizz Made This)

[Verse 1]
Like this like this
Why my people gotta die like this? (Huh?)
See I'm a artist so I cry like this
Wet pupils for the guys I missed (Word)
Olde English eight hunned call it eight ball
Pour out the whole damn bottle it's all for Nate Dogg
I'm a black apostle call me Saint Paul
I used to think God's tears made the rain fall
Man this stuff is no joke f*ck a last laugh
First McGruff and Coke Loc now it's Bad Azz
Mof*ckers don't know I let my gat blast
If any sucker want smoke get your gas mask
'Cause I done lost too many homies in the game I'm in
Michael McDonald things'll never be the same again
I stand tall as Wilt Chamberlain play to win
Never let the world see the pain I'm in
Only show the Jameson
I talk to god hope he take a sin
Sometimes this MC is dark so I pray to him
Sometimes this MC is light and y'all paper thin
Be one with the universe that's the space I'm in

East side
East side
East side
East side

[Verse 2]
For the homies who gone we twist the lid off
We pouring out some Smirnoff
We find out who did it the gun'll get off
You bit off more than you can chew
We twisting your wig off
We kick off the beef
Unload the heat then we slid off
They left me a note say they know where I drop my kid off
Now the wolf is coming to blow your house down
Don't tip a pig off
I get all angry I got my stick off safety
I gotta pick all eighty of y'all marks
Aiming at y'all hearts
The acronym for BAG I'ma Be A G
Raised dirt poor
I was brainwashed by Eazy-E
Fighting demos inside they telling me to ride
Show you what my homies mean to me
Shoot and flee the scenery
Then I'm talking to God I ask him for help
That's the realest homie he told to master myself
He told me vengeance is his
But I wanna blast 'em myself
And send them bastards to hell
But beef is bad for my health
So I leave my past on the shelf
I left the wine on the grapevine
My life's like a sobriety test I'm walking a straight line
That's a great line
But still my state of mind is
So many people die why the f*ck they gotta take mine?

East side
(For the homies who ain't here)
East side
(We pour it out pour that liquor out)
East side
(You don't drink?)
(You can pour anything out)
East side
(We say a prayer)

You know I mean
Rest in peace to my guy Bad Azz
Coke Loc
My dude McGruff
The homie Ty Cuzz
Nate Dogg you know
I give honor and praises to the creator
I thank you for your spirits
For your blessings, for your love, for your guidance
I give thanks and praises to the spirit of the sun
The water, the air, fire, earth
To my ancestors, to my spirit guides I give thanks
Aṣẹ Aṣẹ Aṣẹ

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Songwriter(s): My Brother Dizz, KXNG Crooked
Record Label(s): 2020 Hitmaker Services New Wave Distro
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