Chandelier Lyrics

I know what rappers fear I know
Pull up to your show and zero fans appear
And you been waiting for your whole life
Waiting for your whole life to see 'em clap and cheer
But now you reaching for the shiny things (uh)
Reaching for the shiny things chandelier
Traded your dreams for some diamond rings yeah
Look in the mirror are you happy here?
But you can bring it back though (aha)
(We live)
You ain't gotta keep where it's at no (ah uh)
But you can bring it back though (aha)
You ain't gotta keep it where it's at no

You reaching for the shiny things chandelier
You flying private smiling the pilot land the Lear
Accolades and rewards you living like hand 'em here
Before the rap bidness homie before your rap career
You was writing all night trynna make classics
Didn't like that shit
Balled the paper up and Klay Thompson'd that bitch right up into Waste basket
But now you make wack shit and your homies straight ass kiss
You can start again
Just focus on part of the art that your heart was in and start Sparking the hearts of men
You say if you start again your buzz'll be dead and it'll hard to win
I say we like it hard then waited a couple of minutes for you to tell Me that's what she said
We already got street cred
I know some rapper that don't smoke but acting like a weed head
Just to get the hippies on it
It sound trippy don't it?
Then they pay the A-list play list to get the city on it
Next get a big feature damn near got Biggie on it
Me? I depend on the sickest spittin' who really want it
Skills help when all is lost
I lean on bars like a alcoholic nodding off while impostors are Falling of
First they press a line then hit my line call a boss to call it all
No olive branch 'cause a Molotov is all I toss right at you and who You hang with
Speaking a different language
Treating like your main bitch when you broke and you ain't rich
Look at how the game switch you vanquish
Repossess my spaceship I walk up in J's and yank the same bitch
And her sister Erica she judge me by the content of my character
I can Martin Luther King Miss America
That's what kinda nigga I am you just embarrass us
Niggas acting street when they know they sweeter than fairy dust
Sweeter than cherry crush you rappers hilarious
Very tough but won't speak up when cops bury us
Are you talk about is balling more than Denarius
Scary f*cks couldn't walk a mile in my blueberry chucks judge
Lies fill the air with drama it's not about Kaepernick and Jay it's About Eric Garner
It's about police in Americana killing Tamir Rice but capturing Jeffrey Dahmer alive that's on my mamma
But I'ma fall back 'cause most don't give a damn
That's why I be ducked off far away from Instagram
With a spicy tender man she on the beach getting tan
Popeye's couldn't give you a better chicken sand

You want me? Here I am haha (I'm right here)
Yo (Yo man)
It's only one COB though (It's only one)
Circle Of Bosses (It's only one my G)
(Ssutt Ssutt)
It's only one COB
Yah mean (Forever)
(That's on record)
Young Thug Quavo
(What up? Huh?)
I hope that was homage (I hope)
It's only one COB (It's only one my nigga)
Circle Of Bosses for life it's the familia nigga (COB)
It's in my skin it's in my flesh it's on my flag (Wassup my COB)
It's only one Circle Of Bosses (It's only one)
Ay ay Family Bvsiness Ssutt two times
I'm out

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Songwriter(s): KXNG Crooked
Record Label(s): 2019 Hitmaker Services New Wave Distro
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