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Sittin in the coupe with the ice chain (ice)
I seen the shooter walk up and rob the dice game (rahhh)
High off the wet dip he decided to set trip (cuz)
He let his pipe flame 'till the vice came
I seen his 9 aimed from the right lane
I smashed on the gas before the light changed-
Double-check my Ruger guess it's a East Side thang- (East Side)
Couldn't picture my brain being in the wrong mindframe (never)
The block's hot as California brush fire-
Some try to escape, run fast jump higher-
Some get they third strike the judge is the umpire-
Others get life, for skin color and one prior
I know a hoe screaming 'Money over everything'-
Till she got hooked on amphetamines and some deadly pills-
Made her steal her mama's wedding ring
She sold it to somebody drug peddling and got high as Giuseppe heels
It's unsettling, to see a depressed popping ketamine
Chasing a feeling she will never feel-
Yet and still she does it she love it starts sluttin' like I never seen
f*ckin' more niggas than a record deal (whoa)
I seen my homies lookin' for a fast buck
Cause chicks heartless-
If she ain't down to date a nigga hangin' of a trash truck
The bitch garbage
Typa hoe that I pass up leave her ass stuck
A rich artist-
Yeah, I got my cash up now she want Neiman Marcus-
You gettin' Target
You wack slut; huh
Now a misogynist-
Your father shoulda dropped you off in yo' mama's esophagus
Niggas roamin' through ya girl's phone, that's p*ssy
And I don't need no kinda gynecologist to acknowledge this
You a whole-ass mark. That's hoe shit
I be on some mo' shit Cali-sylable flow shit-
Pacific Ocean coast shit the most lit and hoes get
Balls in they jaws 'till they lookin' like blowfish
I once ghostwrote for a [?] brick
Drove it down to Dallas with my down bitch from [?]
Cops all around we were driving thru Viceland-
Without gettin' hypeman Busta Rhymes with no Spliff
Now I'm just a sober-ass square-
Up in the Alchoholics Anonymous in a broken-ass chair-
Listen to the local older cats share horror stories 'bout throwin' back coke and Jack, holdin' back tears
It's theraputic just to talk in that vicinity
Maybe they can help me with my toxic masculinity, heh
Life's about change, laundromat facility-
I promise that's the energy
Rodger that, you ain't gotta like me
I'm drving, my top is back I'm feelin' me
Before I post, I should probably tag my enemy
I'm happy now

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Songwriter(s): My Brother Dizz, KXNG Crooked
Record Label(s): 2019 Hitmaker Services New Wave Distro
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