Delusional Lyrics (feat. Rob Curly)

[Intro: Rob Curly]
Girl I threw a party and you would've liked it
You were the only one I invited
You, you, you, you
You would've liked it if you would've tried it
You, you, you, you
Girl I did it all for you

[Hook: Rob Curly]
Maybe I'm delusional
But baby I can't let you go
Sorry for the things I said
Never meant to loose my head
Never meant to make you cry
Only meant to make you wet
Pick up when I call you
This ain't over yet

[Verse 1:Kurt Hazard]
I feel the tension and the disconnect
You're playing hard to reach and hard to get
You've been distant and dismissive but I'd bet
That you could learn to put that attitude to rest
When I leave hickeys on ya neck, hickeys on ya breast
Sticking out my tongue to press it up against
Your caramel flesh, making you forget whatever made you mad I'm finna come correct
Caressing on your inner thigh in public
Whisper in your ear to got you blushing
PDA'll get your heart jumping
I mean we could let 'em stare if they wanna
Wanna love you like no other
Tell them bitches I don't need nobody but a
Butterscotch queen, you don't need nobody but a
Nigga that'll hold it down for you, you never have to wonder
Who could treat you like a wife and shit
Be your biggest fan and ride the ship
With you no matter how low or high the tide gets
No matter what you're going through and I admit
That maybe both of us just made mistakes
My biggest was to let you walk away
Cause you looked better with a smile on your face
We'd look better with your legs around my waist
You looked happier when I was there beside you
Way before we learned to be so prideful
Before we cut communications and we had to act like it was just alright no
I don't wanna fight you I don't wanna grow to be spiteful
I don't wanna see that we fall to a cycle
I'd rather make up and just spark a revival
But you say we're through and I'm just in denial
[Hook:Rob Curly]

[Verse 2: Kurt Hazard]
Baby your love is a remedy
We got an infinite chemistry
You're my serenity
We go together better than hood niggas and Hennessy
I could tune into your energy all that I'm asking of you is sincerity
All that I'm asking of you is a chance to repair all the damage we did and relive the perplexity
La Bonita brown skin Latina
Nina, blow me besos say you love me like you mean it
Can I kick it with you like adidas
Come to my side where the grass greener
Where your past secrets always had reason
To feel safe, you could feel the vast freedom
Free your mind, I could feel your body heat up
I could feel the high every time we meet up
And I know we finna go global, shit
I could put you on Vogue and shit
Or we could lay low, get a humble home for two where we could fold clothes and shit
On some J. Cole shit
But if you wanna keep the pace slow then
Girl you got it just say so and
We can do it anyway you want it you just gotta stay, don't quit
Don't quit or imma f*cking loose it
I don't wanna fight let's find a resolution
Yo I miss you and I feel so f*cking stupid
Don't throw it all away and be so foolish
Yo I need you and I know you need me too and
If you're tryna prove a point you f*cking proved it
But if you really never wanna speak again don't even tell me just leave me at peace in delusion
[Outro: Kurt Hazard]
Like na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

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Songwriter(s): Rob Curly, Kurt Hazard
Record Label(s): 2018 776580 Records DK
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