Psycho Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Peep the way I'm all up in the mix, came through shitting on these niggas off rip
Motorola jumping off the hip, Off White linens Bobby Brown with the drip
Do the deed quick and then i dip, let it sing to him, Dan Caesar with the clip
Japanese denim with the rips, Herm├Ęs buckle but she reaching for the dick
Blonde white shawty, Tomi Lauren want a fix, Tommy Hilfiger with a tommy by the hip
Heart so black nigga i don't give a shit, I'm a sick f*ck tie the wife up with the kids
My 5'10 shooter 6'5 with the stick, step back, he could play the two position if you trip
Let a dumb nigga try to play me like a bitch, imma go dumb, bouquets to his mother crib
Run the streets like an OG, ya heard
Six speed riding with a freak, ya dig
I try to keep it humble but I'm weak, it hurts
Cause honestly these niggas don't compete, it's clipped
20/20 vision i can see in clear view
Single handedly i grip the whole sphere too
Old bitch had to put her in the rear view, cut her off so quick that the blood was still blue
Pull up with clan like ODB, oh it be Killer Kurt looking like he nobility
O-m-g, gold chain on him like a rosary
Oh and she, told me go until I'm in her ovaries
All white Jeep came from overseas
Hit the gas pedal in that bitch till it overheat
Eyes low, sleep walk like I'm in a coma I am not a human this ain't no persona my g
Ya flow recycled like thrift shops
I got the game in my grip, locked
Rocking the mask like I'm slipknot
Hop out then dip like a pit stop
It's kill or get killed nigga i don't take chances
I pull on the plug on him right where's he standing
Punch him so hard that his body jerk back nigga look like he doing interpretive dancing
Im such a romantic, i bought shawty roses, and hit from the back till she got scoliosis
I iced out my momma she popping out frozen she checked for the time and then she caught pneumonia
I cut the commotion and cut off his head while they cut me the check do it all in one motion
You move like a hoe then I pull up, two dots to his head like a colon I send my condolences
Came into the frame putting fuel to flame
How you gon hate when it's money to be made
Niggas wanna hang but we really don't bangs
Niggas wanna hang but they really ain't gang
Came into the frame putting fuel to flame
How you gon hate when it's money to be made
Niggas wanna hang but they really can't hang
Niggas wanna hang but they really ain't gang

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Songwriter(s): Kurt Hazard

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