U Love The Rain Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You're making agony seem sublime
To thoughts of escape you have become so blind
You're a pessimist that tends to jump nines
My intention pure yet you never could trust mine
You tend to push away the ones you confine
In you find peace when euphoria subsides
You love heartbreak and hard goodbyes
You tell me that you love rain and hate sunshine
It's like, you're addicted to what's bad for your health
You love the thought of being a victim in need of help
This martyr complex, bomb threats
To damn near anything that's looking promising to prevail
That's why you, hold me close and you smile my face
That's why you, paint me out to be this saving grace
Like I'm this superhero that could save the day
So you could tie me to a bridge and set it ablaze
But honestly part of me feels maybe I'm to blame
For tryna save somebody that don't wanna be saved
For falling in love with somebody in love with the hate
You're like a masochist you find your happiness in the pain
I tried to run away with you but you'd rather be a slave
I tried to offer freedom but you'd rather be in chains
Your mind is prolly telling you to let me lead the way
But your heart tells you walk away, because you love the rain

You ain't gotta cry no more, no more
Don't wanna see you cry no more, no more
But you love the rain (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
But you love the rain (yeah yeah yeah yeah)

[Verse 2]
If you're going through something then I get it
If you don't wanna talk about it yo I get it
And if you need a little space then I get it
And if you wanna go a couple days 'fore we try to touch base I mean I guess I get it
And if you're in a shitty mood then I get it
If you just wanna be left alone then I get it
But when you cut me off and you ignore me every single time I try to come to you and try to fix it I don't f*cking get it!
I shouldn't have to put up with this bullshit
You act like a child and I'm fed up to the fullest
Communicate with me I don't get why you wouldn't
Now your finger's on the trigger acting like you wanna pull it... shit
Go ahead blow my f*cking brains out
Don't turn back now, don't refrain, just aim now
Go let a good thing die in vain
So you can delve in your lust for misery when it rains out
Why are you so goddamn insane
Why are you so hell bent to see that I'm in pain
Why do you tie my soul and my body in chains
Why do you pull me so close just to push me away
Why would you tell me that's a feeling that you know and you hate
If you were finna have me feeling the exact same way
Now my mind keeps telling me to walk away
My heart's telling me that I should stay and learn to love the rain


[Verse 3]
I think you're crazy as f*ck
You run away from the love
You love the pain and you can't get enough
You force me to watch as you tighten that rope at your neck till your blue in the face and your numb
I think you're out of your mind
You have no reason or rhyme
You'll a reason to shine
And in time your love for annihilation has you wanna just set it to fire
I think you're crazy as shit
Cause I mean just look what you did
We set a promising future in place for the two of us you had to burn it to the ground for nothing and quit
I can't relate to your logic
I think your nearly psychotic
You love the poison and toxic
You see the beauty in utter destruction you know what's ironic is
Is honest to God I think I might be crazy as well
Cause I still love you when you put me through hell
I still love you when I leave you everything I have and you leave me to rot by myself
I still love you when I push for success while you only set me up to f*cking fail
It's like I live for the ice and your veins, and the pain, and shame, and your game as I say to myself . .


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Songwriter(s): Kurt Hazard
Record Label(s): 2018 776580 Records DK
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