Footprint Lyrics

It ain't about nothing me and my brothers
We be looking and we bugging
Laughing at these niggers who be saying if we f**k it
Got a mix bree for white face covered in [?] just black
It was everybody's time [?] lost is all of man kind
And suffer all of us who choose to spend time
Away from [?] act up and I'm coming with a clip to strap

Now can I get a level for the base and all the trouble
We [?] eyes and the way I fight with devil
Pushing through your hood with a 40 and a shovel
Banana clips cage and the [?] stay double
Jay a double the [?] who say humble
If I act Hollywood then my whole shit will crumble
You really wanna know what the super size gun do?
Shake in the ground like there's a Decepticon rumble

Shake [?] roll, block out of control, glock out of control
Shots through the chest like a black out with a hole
Then the angel of death will rock out with your soul
Is so simple, one look at my face intimidates mental
Never imitate stimulate instrumentals
You would never believe what my mental can do
Illuminate words in the dark like a candle
Burn like a candle, each word's scandal
A grown ass man double g's on my sandal
Put my faith in law retire my camel
If I'm never broke I could show them what the... do
Legendary [?] like any gamble
Niggers want beef [?] queer like a sample

Even if we disagree while you we can talk to
Turn my back on you haters like cliff did in New York
Niggers act defiant, go ahead and try it
Leave your team crying like [?] did to Giants
This freestyle shit I got it down to a science
Call me dr. Frost when I'm servicing my clients
Stop staring at the cd cover just buy it
Big belly Jack our niggers is on a diet

Rap about the [?] but you all niggers stumble like the kids [?]
Whole team big beards, four [?] on their waists
We won't hesitate to put 5 in your face
Hollow points fly when I [?] that
Definition of that sound is the niggers is strap
I can hit them with the Mac, I can hit them with the pound
Put his ass to the ground cause his footprint's gone

Footprint's gone, footprint's gone, footprint's gone
Go back Jack
Footprint's gone, footprint's gone, go back for reason
Go back Jack
Footprint's gone, footprint's gone, footprint's gone
Go back for [?] yeah we in the building
Footprint's gone, footprint's gone, footprint's gone

It was 4 footprints in the sand and our body Germaine
It was only 2 footprints left in the second that I leave you
Wet there will be no footprints left in the sand
Leave [?] leave St. Burgundy, niggers trying to steal... coming burglary
There never be, tell them I murder thee, stop them out, leave footprints on it's jersey
Bear [?] got this coop them up, no footprints, tip toes with his [?]
When I spit it's so vivid make you feel like you live it, let me take you on a journey
Roll with me, move flow with me, talk a four pound [?] roll with me
Make you feel like you're one of the boys, there's a couple [?] couple niggers on parole with me
Yeah, aha, hey Free, tell these niggers they act up, they can clap the f**k up
Put my motherf**ker footprints on your back nigger
Throw back Jakk nigger, throw back Freezer,
Free be on that team early shit, man [?] gonna sleep, you be on that shit [?] act shit
Hollow Jakk, follow Jakk, throw back Jakk, part 2,
Hey [?] tell these [?] to fix their motherf**king face, hateful fagots, how you like that one BR?

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