Psychopath Lyrics

Frost got the recipe, to leave these youtube gangster
Lookin at the front door like extra p
I don’t like these bitch niggas standin next to me
The 4 pound that give his fagot ass a vasectomy
f**k your bitch with the barrel and give her a historectomy
Pistol whip a nigga for callin himself chuck and e
Nigga I’m the beard gang general
I hate you fraud niggas and I ain’t speakin in general
I’m speakin specific to niggas that act hard
And need security to walk around in they back yard
Talk heavy and get smacked hard
Had his face leanin like a needle full of black tar
Ar, hitters back hard, he wanna reck hard
All he saw was beard and a black car
It’s jakk frost, I don’t make club music
It’s that 357 make a nigga loose blood music

We kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children
God damn it, we kill em all

Beard gang, beard hand to the stomach
Rock with the calico, the clip hold a hunned
Give it to him, vim, anybody who want it
My rhyme designed like coke, so I fun it
A some is an onion, an album is a whole brick
I kill these new emcees with my old shit
The game’s sick it needs cpr
The clips slide in and slide out, vcr
I glide and glide out, cpr
Ride in, ride out, bare game we are
Cream of the crime, glock with the beam on the top
I’m general souls on the stove, with wanted on whap
I got fiends shakin like michael j foxx
Bout this green no faking I be shaking down spots
When the stage stop quakin, better run from the shots
So many holes in your shirt, look like jamaican tink tops

We kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children

I’m deep in the bad lane, dragging like a mad man
I’m tryina grab grams, stashed in the trash can
I got a opreated killer flow that’s cocreated
Of course I hope …
I keep tryina stop sinnin but I’m not winnin
On it, it’s cock spinnin, love the way she rock linen
They need to stop pretendin, firearm pop the penant
I load and lock yoru chin and
My motive’s not for fronting
This episode’s on the road that is not beginning
I got the essence that’s aggressive since an adolescent
I’m so perverted, you deserve it, watch we make you nervous
My background is subliminal and criminal
Maxed out in always while niggas was livin minimal
I’m overbehave…so any feelings of remorse get tossed out
Now the feelings of a shotgun when it box out

And when you kill em all, a salute to the goddamn big green
I don’t think they got the message
Murder these motherf**kers again reef!

Finally in the jungle, face smothered in mud
Black lines under my eyes, hands covered in blood
My knife in his neck, my bullets in his rib cage
My mind maybe filthier than river pig blaze
Right beneath your feet is where I dig graves
But before I kill em I keep em alive for 6 days
I keep feedin em dope, I promise I’m not gonna kill em
I keep feedin em hope, and when they spirit is broke
I hand em a rope and laugh like a mad man as they begin to choke
Why did I do it? Why does the eagle fly?
I’m doin god work, and some people just need to die
Good versus evil and I’m who decides
You should see what some of them will do just to survive
Beggin and pleadin only gets me off more
I’m outside of softmore, I’m bout to kidnap a softmoore

We kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children

Who am I, it’s freeway motherf**ker
Everyday I ride with the ak motherf**ker
In my … kk motherf**ker, we will hang on niggas life
They kkk everyday, shoot up your hunder
Monday to Sunday, I’m a f**kin psycho
You don’t want to gunplat, bullets get you one bow
Don’t you know I’m loco
Bitch my 44 heat a nigga like an entre
Beard game tower over weak ass rappers
Like skyscrapper bitch I’m a giant like andre
…we get it my paper, I will air niggas, blow em off the map
This a don way, fast hussein, insane in the membrane
Test me, be a bloodstain in the driveway
Furthermore, never cross beard gang assault team
Guaranteed to bleed, I’m just saying what your mom say

We kill the men, we kill the women, we kill the children
Goddamn, we kill em all

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