Winning Duh Lyrics

Give a drummer son,..
Bitch get a...
She in a bathroom, picking her clothes up,
I was in the studio stepping my flows up.
... from Europe, telling me to blow up
Texts from my exes, telling me to grow up!
I told them bitches I'm a kid forever,
... at my six forever,.. on the pigs forever,
Get it together, me and my niggers... whoever.
... rappers screaming go ham!
But I'm a Muslim! I ain't eating no ham!
Bitches back to the program,
She said 'can't you take me out? '
I said 'no mam! '
I don't date these whores, I make these whores,
You niggers overate these whores,
Frost got an eighties flow!
Duh winning!
I go... you know...
Frost got the tiger blood,
I done his DNA,
Bitch I just wanna see a little TNA,
... you can swallow all my DNA!
She said I'm hungry, Frost what I'm gonna eat today?
Same thing I feed her every day, I just feed her, yey!
Feed her great goose, feed her Patron,
And that crack... Cush got...
Passed out on my... she's stuck on my home,
Woke up, the breakfast in bed, suck her my bone,
Me and my girlfriends we ain't f**king alone,
Is the Frost man, bitches, I party like Charlie Sheen!
... money, long pass mobiles in the...
... she gonna give it up, whatever
She cocked up, pussy drunk, she gonna give it up,
Whatever she won't keep on the... she gonna spit it up!
Alarm clock going on she ain't getting up,
... try to find her, I don't give a f**k,
I got the right bitch, she let her white chick,
... to mention she's a white bitch!
I get them high, but I never let them...
She's bending over and I f**k her like...
... our baby daddy got mad again,
Who cares, he rode with a band of faggots like the...
I think she wanna score...
Except the money low, so she's calling her dad again!
The pussy is free, but the coke cost money!
Oh, yeah!
And the party don't stop!
I figured girlfriends...
How you're getting mad when...?
This the type of shoot that got another man shot!
... money like... chilling on the fifth floor...
A bunch razor a blades...
A bunch of white bitches putting... in their nose!
Got damn, this a hell of a scene,
... mother f**ker I party like Charlie Sheen!

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