Mind High Lyrics

Illmaculate (spoken):
Yeah, Machine (Uh, Huh)
I'm lovin' this one man (Yeah)
Let's make a toast (To what?), to classic hip-hop (Cheers!)

We celebratin', I'm elevated, my mind's high
Time flies, my melon's achin', but why cry?
I keep it one-hundred
I'm not a thug but if you run up, get done up, no deed goes unpunished
And maybe we been punished for the f*ck of it
But maybe we became stronger because of it
I'm not a man that just sit back and does nothin'
Instead of cut onions, I'm in the club hustlin'
Cds for five bucks, and if you need trees
I might just know that guy
If you like us you don't whine like, "Life sucks"
And don't ask why, you rise up
Oh, and I think I can fly but
I can't be sure, 'cause it only works when my eyes shut
Now, I can't stand it, first I'm flyin'
then I open my eyes and crash land back to earth
I'm Captain Kirk, abandon ship
There's cash to get and that comes first, this rap's legit, I traffic words
It's all about the independent hustle
It can get expensive, boy, you gotta get what's expected of you
I'm only here to get mine, you get yours
Do your chores, shit, I make sure the truth's explored
Ride with me through my city, we light sticky
Keep that haze blowin', I keeps the day goin'
I'm nice wit it, I ball, I'm like pif and a pump-fake
You chumps hate? I'm brawlin' like Lennox, you crumb-cake
sweeter than some peanut-brittle, I'm uncut
I won't even clean it up a little you dumbf*ck
Get your mind right
I'll show you what's what when the time's right
But I'm properly building
My rhyme skills got me lookin' like a one man highlight reel I'm Dominique Wilkins
In his prime, but I ain't even in mine yet
Chase down with water if it's too hard to digest
I rhyme fresher than most
I blow by opponents and only look back to measure my growth
I'm reppin' my coast while the Po-Pos watch
And still throw them W's up in every photo-op
I'm loco that's why I don't need to hold no glock
My man Machine's got heat like Robo-Cop
Hold up... I've been givin' the best tools
So everything I do is a deliberate chess move (check)
I'm one move from takin' your queen
Two from matin' your king, the fat lady can sing - it's over!

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