Everything's Alright


Everything's Alright Lyrics

Flip Flop on the beat
Yeah, Sandpeople, OnlyOne
What up man? Our album's gonna be crazy

You know the champ is here, if you watched my rap career
I lay my talent clear back in my battle years
Mom's proud now, tryin' to hold back the tears
I tell her not to celebrate until the samples clear
Eyes in the back of my head? Yeah I have a pair
Watchin' everything around me, I'm that aware
'Cause some cats ran up and tried to jack my gear
I guess I had bad luck like a shattered mirror
It's fine, karma will get 'em
Even that, not a promise I didn't play the part of a victim
Nah, I ran back up to see all of 'em dippin'
Caught one he caught a fist when I balled it and hit 'em
If I had my way then, I'd be caught in the system
Tossed in a prison 'cause I fit the proper description
Pants saggin' low, hat tilted to the side
With my hands stackin' dough, can't feel it then that's fine

You can hate if you hate me, it's the way that they raised me
You ain't never lived a day in my life (my life)
'Cause I stay in the city where they pay us with pennies
Sayin' everything will be alright, but it's not
'Cause our past has been ugly, more than half of us bummy
We barley have enough money to get high (get high)
But we still roll an "L" and puff while we dodgin' jail n' cuffs
And tellin' us it's fine but it's not, and thats f*cked up

I'm talkin about Americans, you know who them is?
And when you go to their crib, you don't see nothin' when you open their fridge
Like, you mean to tell me you got both them kids?
Like, you ain't know what a Trojan is?
Like, I know some guys that are sheep in wolves clothes
Beggin' for skull though, she could be full-blown
Whether women or men of faith, whatever age
Be thankful you ain't catch a case or catchin' AIDS and seen Heaven's gates
I had to set a pace, 'cause I could never beg
Even when I lived in Section-8 in second grade
I used to never pray and laugh when people said they grace
Though we probably all asked god for some better days
I had to set it straight for what's next
I'm here to generate enough bread and demonstrate success
So hit blunts and stack chips. give love and bag chicks
Live fun and have kids, this us and that's it


Yo, to pass the time I light an L
Dissatisfied 'cause life is hell, we're all trapped inside an iron cell
Basically contained 'cause sacrifice 'cause iron sells
I don't pack a nine or fire shells, i have to lie when the mic is L
How can a mastermind aquire? Well
f*ck a label, now-a-days you have to sign yourself
See a different thing, your dividends from pennies to Benjamins
From petty to bigger and better be ready to get it then
I have to record, that's what I'm passionate for
Hand me your cash, keep your love, that's what family is for
Half my family is poor step-brother stole the cash from my drawer
Hope for sunshine, but plan for the storm
I'm takin' action, entrepreneur
That'll make a rap and f*ckin' hop on a tour, let's make it happen
I'm loco for the bread, my music ain't so-so, it's the best
I'm so close to the edge, so don't push me


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Record Label(s): 2008 Sandpeople Music

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