Wait A Minute Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Taylor, Taylor
Two 4 War Entertainment
Heart of the city
Yeah, you know what it is, uh-huh

[Fes Taylor:]
I was cruising in a 430
Cops pulled over, sober and we all dirty
Be easy, nigga, you see me, nigga?
Before I had a deal I was blinging like Young Jeezy, nigga
Hip hop money feed me quicker
Drunk, bartender said I don't need no more liquor
Get me a bottle of Goose, like "Mami, what it do?
Apparantly do you be modelling too? " Cool
We can chill like Henny on the rocks
I'm a fly through, even got Fendi on my socks
Yeah, just watch, I'm the next big thing
Courtesy of Willie Rocks, now my neck bling bling
What it do? Who You? Fes Taylor, yes
Yo I'm fresh to death, what you expect?
Next, try and slide off
Cause I see a bad mami over there that I can't keep my eyes off

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
Hold up, hold up, wait, wait, wait a minute
Just, just, just, just, bring it back now, wait, bring it back now
Put 'em up now, now, now, bring 'em back down, down, down

[Fes Taylor:]
Taylor 2 Fly, vest fresh like the first day of school
And I'm the new guy, we cruise by
Music high, haze or 'dro, choose ya high
Push a button, tell the roof "Goodbye, bye"
Heard he back now, flip, laid the track down
Hear this playing in the club, don't know how to act now
Hold ya drinks up, homegirl over there like "I ain't f**king my mink up"
Minus my off-time, right now don't think much
We go on stage or in the office, pretty much
But, I'm digging your moves
Bodywork like it's all a part of this song coming together in one groove
I swung jewels, sound like the ghost of Christmas past when I walk past
How could you talk bad? This is all me, my grind, my time to shine
Now, I got the industry car keys

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
Picture me laid back in a Maybach
They say that I came up from the hood, only right that I gave back
They hate that, they don't wanna see a young rich thug get all of this love
Cause, I got paper, you only dealing with a couple hundred grand, see you not major
Nope, do me a favor, don't holla 'less it's 'bout a dollar
I pop tags, yeah, plus I pop collars
Trying to give my moms bread like Miss Wallace
So I'm in the game like Ben Wallace
I don't wear Prada's, I'm not a lame dude
Come to visit you, yet scared of your baby father
Tell 'em "Hold up", I roll up in a '08 Range with jewels all froze up
Drive the hoes nuts, we the Juice Crew All-Stars
But I ain't never been signed to Cold Crush

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Fes Taylor]
Yeah, it's Taylor, Taylor
What it do, man?
It's the heart of the city
See me when we come together and do it

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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