The Other Side (true Story) Lyrics

[Minnesota Slimz:]
I can feel it in my bones, I'm knee deep in death,
And I don't know the light, but I exist in shadows,
And I know the name's hallowed, But I never speak it either,
Sequence and signs but that's my little secret,
Watching the womb deepen,
And the pain come speaking through my eyes,
But I can't cry, Momma am I a demon,
Frequent this one women, Our souls intertwine,
Passions exchange between bodies the void of mine,
I'm out of my body looking down on the corpse,
My heart cease to beating and my blood runs no cause,
My life has no cause, I feel no remorse,
Kids caught in the crossfire of men that wage war,
And I can't recall or think of resemblance of life,
Closest I've come to God Jesus dipped in ice,
And that was last night, Before I was destined to die,
Watch my whole life pass before my eyes.

[Chorus: Minnesota Slimz & Khaliq]
I can't really say that a man never learned to live,
Until they learn to die, I can't really try to explain,
Why the misery and pain seems to out weigh the sunshine,
But I know there's a reason why, A reason,
For every drop of rain that falls from the sky,
So I try to see life clearly, And hope that they hear me,
Speaking to ya from the other side.

[Minnesota Slimz:]
I tried to get your attention many times,
Hear those whispers my minds, But you would just recline,
And deny what you feel inside, Drown my voice in haze and wine,
Telling yourself that everything's fine,
But you couldn't look me in my eyes, You avoided the mirror,
Cause you were invisible and the face you saw was mines,
And I told you not to drive, But you was so insistent,
And as that car headed towards yours you feeling sometime different,
But it was too late, You tried to swerve, Hit a curb,
Killed your wife and two daughters, And all I did was observe,
With no judgment, Just follow the water dogs,
There's a reason that Gods exchanged his life for yours,
A now you've seen Heaven's doors, No longer will you live
In Hell and claim, That for this life there is no cause,
Cause nothing deceases, And nothing can be taken as yours,
Surrender what belongs to God, What's gone.


[Fes Taylor:]
Yep, Grey rag, Momma like you still banging,
My little cousin in the hospital, Eye hanging,
It's like I can't see right, This can't be life,
Thoughts running through my mind, I don't even gotta write,
Wonder why the Lord ain't take me instead,
If the barrel would've pointed a little higher at my head,
But I'm partially to blame, Cause we raised in the P,
What he is partially insane, Hard for me to explain,
Part of me want to change, To other half think it's too late,
So I walk around with a screw face,
Like f**k the world, The Earth wind is so cold,
Feeling like the game got a nigga in a choke hold,
The streets try to wipe out my generation,
Pray to God the difference between him and Satan,
Good and evil, A movement in the hood'll lead you,
X-Ray vision still couldn't see through.
Living that [?], Everybody looking for a hero,
Guess I play the part though, Kinda like Dinero,
True story, Couldn't air prime time,
It's too gory, I'm from two-forty so,
My struggle deep like Lucy in a wheelchair,
We go side of the building, He was killed here,
La, Me, Flex, and Y, Niggas still here,
Plus my niggas locked, It don't even feel fair,
Killa Hill yeah, Nigga I'm still there,
Where everybody know your name, Feel like Cheers,
A couple beers, Pour some liquor out for my niggas,
I pull an A-R out squeezing the trigger,
My hood deal with the good and the bad,
Success is right there, Just couldn't grab,
Just couldn't let go of my pad,
So my future looks so far hoping it lasts.


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