Shed A Tear Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
In this life, we live
We really get it right

[Fes Taylor:]
My head messed up right now, things ain't going too great
Behind these iron gates, feeling like my people's upstate
Son, I'm trapped, just looking for a way to escape
Same niggas that I used to love, a nigga grew to hate
Can't cry, my eyes dry, is it the weed or the allergies
Actually, pain all seem natural to me
Try to help my man out, show him where to get cash
Come to find out, the same dude, tapping my stash
His baby moms tried to give me the ass, but I passed
Even though, I'm a dog like Daz, I got class
Too wrongs don't make me wrong, but it's hard to tell
I can't front, cause revenge feel good as hell
I fell, people said I was nothing but dirt
Forgive me lord, for selling drugs right in front of the church
B-Ghost got murked, Fresh home from jail
I just seen him on Todd G., making a sale

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
I shed tears for those who ain't here
Pour some beer on the curb, just want the respect I deserve
Swerve in the rain, drunk, in the range truck
Going insane, play the game, never gave up

[Fes Taylor:]
Nearly seen the blues, I was falsely accused
Got in the game early, my pops taught me the rules
Went to four different high schools, got kicked out of every one
Flex mom's died, ain't live to bury her son
Everybody hating on Fes, ya'll a bunch of crabs
When I'm shining, they mad, but they happy when I'm doing bad
My mans talking bout me, the chick's behind my back
Saying his chain ain't all that, and his tracks is wack
Jump in the whip, drive off, blasting BB King
Cause ya'll rather see me in the pen, than see me bling
Do your thing, son, cause I'm a do mine, whether it's rhymes
Or crimes, rap lines or dimes, I'm a refine
My ex said she love me, I'm in the hospital half dead
She in the crib with the next man, giving him head


[Fes Taylor:]
Sometimes I think, son, what's the purpose of life?
Cause I'm still in the dark, trying to search for the light
Even though we grew up, and was raised in the slums
Place where I'm from, it don't feel safe without a gun
Police always got me hemmed up, hemmed up
Yo, I'm tired of running from the beast, scuffing my Timbs up
In the lab stressed, smoking on a dolo blunt
With my eyes closed, dreaming bout the dough I want
Got a, bottle of Henny, for my troubles, it seems like it get worse
Everytime I take a guzzle, stumble out the crib
Nobody f**k with me, look
Ready to take my anger out on any one of you crooks
To see some time alone, to get my head straight
We suppose to help each other, instead ya'll dead weight
Remember we all ate, all hands in the plate
Everybody wanna take, but nobody wanna generate

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Fes Taylor]
In this life, we live
We really get it right
And everybody gives
But nobody wants to die
In this life, we live
We really get it...

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