Phone Call To The Prezident Lyrics

[Mr. Prezident:]
I said when shit real, sit still, f**k around and get killed
Creep up on your Jeep, leave your face on your windshield
Look, I'm a big deal, big wheel, just chill
You ain't riding big wheels, since you had a Big Wheel
Bitch, I'm the shit still, floss on these scrubs
You, all washed up, like a dog in the tub
All for the love, my young boys'll pop
Four four JS up, like a soft rat cop go
Peep get nachos, cocaine block go
Narcos on my ass like O.J. in a Bronco
Scramble like cock though, me against the world
Got a R. Kelly flow, just on peeing on you girls
See me in the pearl six, armed with the thing
Put three in your face, like Lebron from the wing
I'm the don in the game, you, you is just a peon
Go against a vet, get spanked like Leon
Will take a shit, he on, he is on some other shit
Tuck a bitch, not me, unless he can tuck a brick
Me, I'm loving it, hates having new love
So I cock a new snub, man, new gloves
Know how I do, bro, earn my crown
Well you? Funny money like a circus clown
I done burnt my town, see I'm still spending O bread
From OT trips getting money with the old heads
Now I'm the old head, box in the code red
Smacked, coming through to put four in your forehead
Don't blame me, it's the game that I'm married to
Gangsta like K, on the hustle like Barry Blue
Summer start, I'm a cop a blueberry Coupe
You keep fronting I'm coming through to bury you
Yeah, nigga, I hear niggas, but be clear nigga
I f**k it up, like you was drinking clear liquor
You'se a square nigga, I bring the bitch out you
Slip the clip outta the pound, knock the shit out ya
Flip it back in, cock it, then dump a few
Like Martin in Life, send ya ass to the upper room
You come for whom, niggas ain't crazy
Niggas ain't ready like a pre-mature baby
I cocked the eighty, come through and blast at 'em
This nigga ass, call him Kim Kardashian
One happy look, he already shook
He'll catch a bullet scar, shaking like Reggie Bush
You know what it is, exactly when the hammer scorch
Prezzy show his ass like a baby with the pamper off

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