Peace Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Aiyo, yo, yo, what up, yo, what up, yo

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
To all my peoples hustling in the street, peace, peace
Still standing on the corner with heat, it's no peace, peace
It's Two 4 War, W.P., my homey, peace, peace
Sometimes I think, we ain't never see, peace, peace

[Fes Taylor:]
I hope you had a good time, enjoy the dope rhymes
Haters I know, ya'll hopin' that I won't shine
This for my niggas that I got love for
Hit 'em all raw, get on your feet and spin this love floor
Learn from experience, never trust whores
And I'm dead serious, when I say f**k the law
Police ain't shit but the Ku Klux Klan with badges
Black cops praising they masters, showing they asses
Run up on us, cause our chain smashing
Blinding they eyes, when they drive by, stay harassing
Every day blasting, hood stay hot, come on, imagine
Living in the land of the savage
Name brand fabric, head to toe
Top of the line car, lotta gadgets, let's go
The dash say 180, I'm try'nna go faster
You like 'wow', when I blow past ya
Yo, this be the words of the great, my music'll
Rise the dead, my homey's rise and wait
Belly aches made the hunger pace, too much to bear
I rep my thugs, throw it up, in the air
Proud to be a part of this Wolfpack family
We ran horror to your house like Amity
I like nasty chicks like Vanity Six
Next year be 26, son, plan to be rich
Understand we flip, like, it's the last days
Escape the streets like rats in a maze
Die from old age, we expect violent deaths
Homey survive if you liver than the rest, yes
Breath in tubes, apply it to your chest, that's what you get
If you ever try Profes...
Fire the Smith and Wess, and keep shootin' til we get respect
Give me the loot, son, snatch begets
Time for ya'll to pay like debts, you owe me alot
All my blood, sweat & tears, spill on the block
For all the lives lost in the struggle
All the lies from these hoes when they say they love you
And f**ked your best friend, no wonder why we act shady to ladies
Smile in your face, pregnant with the next man baby
You made it, congratulations, 12 years in this rap shit, this is my graduation
My reputation on Staten Island from wilding, peace, peace
Never get it, shots go off, city never sleeps
This one is not a rhyme, classify it as a speech

[Outro: Fes Taylor]
Yo, I'd like to say peace to Park Hill Avenue, Raybrand Street
Broadway, North Street, Jersey Street
Port Richmond Ave., Richmond Ave., Richmond Terrace
Holland Ave., South Ave., Shaolin, yo
Peace to my Georgetown, South Carolina peoples, give it to raw
My peoples in ATL, Cambleton to Auburt Ave., the Swats
My coke head Long Island niggas, Richmond P, Burg V.A.
South East, D.C., B-More niggas
My Harlem, Manhattanville niggas, all project niggas
125 niggas, my Clarks and the Uttica, BK niggas
My Kingsborough niggas, yo, I'd like to say peace
To, Castlehill, Bronx niggas, Cypress Ave. niggas
BD More niggas, my Queens, Jamaica Ave., niggas
Linden Boulevard niggas, what up, my N.C., my N.C. Winstom-Salem niggas
What about my Albany niggas, my Connecticut niggas
My Brothersville niggas, my East Coast niggas, West Coast niggas
Yo, L.A., Texas niggas, New Orleans niggas, Tennessee niggas
All the rest of ya'll niggas, man, catch ya'll niggas on the next one

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