Just Got Paid Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
C.M.G. gangsta, Yeah, Presy what up,
Haha, Inspecs what up nigga, T.K. what up,
Easy what up nigga.

[Fes Taylor:]
Producers out of retirement, They wanna battle me,
Saying that he got pit-bulls and own parakeets,
f**k you emcees, Go and get Kool Kim,
Nigga this is you and me, You ain't fooling me,
You thinking that you changed minds, If I'm swift enough,
I could take you and your brothers at the same time,
Specs held you down, You ain't even write a nigga,
Beef, Give em piss bags, Shit bags, Diaper niggas,
Baby Moms hit me on Myspace,
Said things crossed my mind, Prolly get it in my place,
Yeah I sat with you on Osgood,
My niggas let you walk through the block, Nigga this my hood,
You was calling me for CDs, Like let me shop it,
Like Fes don't forget about me, Nigga stop it,
All that money you had, Nigga you broke,
And you ain't never broke bread with none of your folks,
Presy don't even f**k with you, He was your man first,
Beef pop off in the club, Nigga ran first,
Talking all this tough guy shit, Like I'm pussy right,
Wouldn't knock out Will Smith, Talking bout Suge Knight,
Who you call when you needed the goons,
So I did it prolly blame it on the weed and the booze,
You a trick ass nigga, Spend money on hoes,
Your wifey kick you out when your money get low,
The hood held you down, Went back to the bricks,
Got your Magic Stick check went back to the bitch,
I was giving you paper, I ain't even have it to give,
You need your rent paid, I ain't even have a crib,
Just a real nigga, You a fake phony,
Old rusted niggga, Only the paint chromey,
I see through it though, Go get your wooden soldiers,
Phantom of the Beats' new name Pinocchio,
What the f**k I ever needed you for,
Went to Tennessee, You was with me on the tour,
Heart Foundation your beat was the wackest one,
Murder who, Niggas don't even have a gun,
This is easy to me, I'm just having fun,
Til you see me in the street nigga one-one-one.

[Hook: T-Bird]
You can't even walk in my hood no more,
And your ghetto pass ain't good no more,
Plus when I see you I'm a bring the pain,
And also if I see you I'm a take that chain,
Cause I heard, You just got paid,
Give me my money, Or else when I see you,
Nigga I'm taking it from you.

[Interlude: Katt Williams sample]
Nigga, That shit you did you poovy nigga,
Now, My nigga done gave you a pound of our sweetest cheeba nigga,
I don't know what the hell is wrong with ya,
Nigga ya need to get a salad and put some of your blue cheese on it nigga.

[Outro: Fes Taylor (?)]
Yo your baby Moms told me to tell you what up nigga,
She told me thank you, She thanked the kid, She said Phantom who,
That nigga name ain't motherf**king Hahson, Call that nigga Carlos,
She told me ya, They call him Phantom cause we don't ever see that nigga,
He don't pay no child support, Bitch ass nigga,
I'm bout to let your baby moms get on the song with me next when I do nigga,
You know what, Yo, I'm a let the homies talk to you.
(Homie don't play with me boy, You heard me,
And stop calling my f**king house private, That's your last warning nigga.)

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