Just Chillin' Lyrics

[Vocal sample:]
That's what you have in mind
Yeah, that's what you're all about
Good luck, do what ya heart desires

[Intro: Fes Taylor - over sample]
Fes Taylor Incorporated
Sports Illustrated's greatest
Two 4 War Entertainment
Most hated, you know what this is man

[Fes Taylor:]
Son, I used to stand on them corners scramblin' quarters
Always ran with a lawyer, you ran with informants
I stand in a Taurus, I'm handlin' Porsches
I'm the man, I'm demandin' endorsements
From Nike and Polo, don't let me catch ya wifey for dolo
You tripped on her, 'bout the price of a Volvo
But me, I give her no dough, Taylor tryin' to put her on a hoe stroll
Her attitude took me to Sean Don from Old Gold
Peppy kids schooled me on the set of the makin' of the record label movie
Watch cable in jacuzzis, able to scoop a floozy, cutie with big boobies
Haters that talk shit, I'm like "f**k it, I'm Rick, sue me"
Mad cause ya bitch blew me, remember I was doin' that
Yea, now I'm the newest Jag, let the music blast
A computer in the dash, I still keep a Ruger in the stash
For the shooters on the ave

[Vocal sample: repeats over hook]
I don't like it... I'm movin' out
I'm movin' out... I'm movin' out

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
My money, got honies, they sayin' they love me
Cause I, stay in the Buggy, the Range or the Humvee
Stash dollars to ceilings 'til I got me a million
No apartments, tryin' to cop me a buildin'
I'm just chillin', y'all, this year we killin' y'all
See I'm just scoopin' out, dames, when I used to pout
Now I open new accounts, it's the kid with the billion dollar smile
Only see me smile when I make more than a hundred thou'

[Fes Taylor:]
Tryin' to make it 'til my peoples is straight, it's a festival
All eat from the plate, I'm leadin' the race
First place with a gold medal, they throw rose peddles
Like Caesar just walked in the arena
Michael Knight, I'm talkin' to the Beamer
Cause the doors open out the sound of my voice
Moist, sippin' a Zima, a trip to Argentina
For my Grandmoms, Mildred and Tina, I'm just buildin' my team up
Yet I'm ready for the playoffs, smoke break, I take a day off
C.E.O. status, f**k a lay off
Two ways to make history, Ghandi or Adolf
The best or the worst, I confess in a church
I was prayin' my profession'll work
Now it's condos, look at my mami dressed in my shirt
Fes, what I'm worth? More than M.C.I.'s annual growth
I'm so fly, I bring the cameras in close


[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo, chicks say I'm conceited, I still lay 'em and beat it
No, I ain't tryin' to claim 'em or get 'em seeded, so split, beat it
Michael Jackson, Moonwalk out the door
My game tight, talk you right out ya drawers, for sure
I want the crown, New York and it's your's
I felt pain like, saltin' ya sores, often I pause
Take a break for a second, 1-718, check and relate to my records (yeah)
The Great perfected, this method of melody
Cause haters wanna break me celeries (yeah)
But if it's broke I could fix it, if you holdin' some digits
Let's talk business, I could show you the vision
Me and LIS, see us both in them Benzes
Since Andy Allen sat me down, told me "Go independent"
Listen, I'm Scrouge McWolf, I'm rollin' in riches
Fifty grand a hook, somethin' I could blow in the distance
Come on, it's Two 4, baby


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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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