Jail House Rock Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Anthony Reed vs. The State of New York
Aiyo, Judge, I ain't do nothing, man
Aiyo, what up, my nigga?
You got a cigarette, my nigga? Of course
Well let me get one of those, my niggas
Word? You got some weed, to?
Let's get high my nigga, I'm f**king stressed out man
The judge done, offered me 25 and shit
Trying to say I murdered this nigga, man
Kid going through it right now, my nigga
Smoke that, smoke that

[Fes Taylor:]
Yo, away from the world behind prison bars, I see life different
The distance, between me and freedom, smoking wisdom
In the court biz, rolling up trees, my man brought it
Trying to go home, son got bows, watch me extort 'em
Knock out, on the lock out, we can do it at reck
Phone check, homey, my son loony and slit ya neck
Yo, Lite, SPA, watch these dudes hang up
Super and low with D14, leave these clowns banged up
Chocolate thai, what up, baby, this dude tried to play me
Carlito, what up though, they think it's all gravy
Guns out, smoke a brick a day, see me on the dance floor
In an all grey jump suit, getting beat off
Five four one, triple oh, two three zero nine
Smack son with a tray on the chat line

[Interlude: Fes Taylor]
Aiyo, what up, what's popping?
Ya'll niggas try to play my man and shit
What's going on, what's popping, nigga, huh?

[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo, Brooklyn House, cell gangstas, talking tough
CO's acting hard, in the world they butt
These dudes, reading nudie books, trying to get a nut
When I touch the streets, thinking bout how many girls I'm gonna f**k
A pack for a stick, one cigarette 'fore I quit
Jonesing like I'm in the crib, on the jack with a bitch
But I still, wish I was back on the block
Cause I'm stuck in the can doing the jail house rock

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
Jail, house, rock, jail house rock with me
My peoples in the cell block with me

[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo, Riker's Island, C73, five g's for Andrew Madee
DT's try to frame me, in the day room
Watching shoot 'em up flicks, these broke heads smoking rollies
Look at 'em starving for clips
I'm a jailbird inside a cage, can't spread my wings
Twenty three hours, no sunlight inside the Bing
Different broad every V.I., account never empty
I'm locked up with dudes in here, that's facing centuries
Eight hundred and fifty months, what type of shit is that?
Might as well, forgot about life, son, it's a wrap
Pass all meals, service slop, I wouldn't dare eat
Paying Pataki's, feel like you walking barefeet
Play the yard, domino's, chess and playing cards
At nighttime, in my cell, praying to God
Read a chapter in the bible, before I go to sleep
If I die before I wake, hold my soul you keep
It's easier for a camel, to walk through an eye of a needle
Than a rich man, to go to heaven and live peaceful
The devil through us in here, and tested our faith
Jesus gave me the crown of life, forgave my mistakes
And I still, wish I was back on the block
But I'm stuck in the can doing the jail house rock

[Outro: Fes Taylor]
Jail, house, rock, jail, house, rock
Damn, man, I can't even believe this f**king bullshit, man
f**king police trying to put me through this bullshit
f**king... been to court like f**king 6 times and shit, man
This nigga ain't offer me no f**king kind of bail
No f**king kind of hopes to get the f**k outta this bitch
Yo, that's my word, man, next time I go in front of that f**king judge
And that nigga don't offer me no muthaf**king bail, man
I'm a spit in that nigga face, tell that nigga eat a dick, man
Word up, and all these f**king police officers, man
Ya'll ain't gonna keep snatching us up, throwing us up
In these muthaf**king cells, man

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