I.c.u. Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor (King Just)]
I.C.U. (eheheheheheh) Two 4 War
The King back on the throne
He sent his knight to strike

[Fes Taylor:]
You want sixteen bars? I'd rather give 'em sixteen shots
Snitch niggas try to get me not, it's a bomb threat
Killah Hill Vietnam vet
I played in front of the club, stunting, leaning on a vet
You scheme, f**k it, then bust something, teach 'em respect
When reaching for the tech, leave you bleeding to death
See if you can reason with death, talk to the Grimreaper
Blow you out your Timbs or your sneakers
They say talking is cheap, well you beefing to rep
Any little nigga, I put 50 g's on Hef
I only battle veteran rappers, so sick
When I spit, doc said take medicine after
Fes so incredible at this, I rap.9 earthquakes
That'll level the atlas
Still Shaolin Stomp, move on 'em quick
They stay Two 4 War, like the modern day Two Six
They call me the Pro, hoes love the way that I flow
Dough I made from a show, destined to blow like
Hand grenades, shove it like kids that's made
Play the blocks, I plan to get paid, like
Rich and po', I'd rather be rich than poor
Play it cool, summertime, pitchin' snow
My wrist'll glow, you never seen this before
So many different colored diamonds, mixed in gold
Yellow and red, black and white
Kinda look like a racial fight
Alright, I'm like Mike, giving facial bites
I'm a Wolf when I came through hype
You afraid of the dark, scared of the dark
My goons full of water and
I ain't talking bout Poland Springs and Deer Park
Put fear in they heart, tear 'em apart
Like scubagear, wearing with sharks, wearing with sharks

Son, you straight bitching, never crime being pitched
My burner is hot fish grease, blow in your face
Explosive hollow tips, twisting skeleton with grace, make you post race
And your heart do the jello geletin shake
Baking two on coast sweaters, I inject the death threat
Murderous musical melodies in your headseat
Better yet disconnect the life support, zipped it from your frame
I'm hot, so the blood boils in my vein
Pop your top similar to a champagne bottle
When I spit, feel the flames of an airplane's throttle
Now I got your brains boggled, from my soundwaves blasting
Eardrums are beating, while reading in close captioned
Took you to the ghost in Pac-Man with a mac-ten
Thirty two bullets in a clip when it's packed in
Clashing with the titans, as I shatter your glass chin
Or get your face cut up like a DJ on the backspin

[Outro: King Just]
Security breached, security breached
Bomb threat, security breached, it's serious
Bomb threat, short fuse, let's go, security breached
Bomb threat...

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