Hawaii Five O Lyrics

[Chorus x2: T-Bird]
Now all my teams getting paper
They wish we were somewhere buried in graves
Now all my niggas got iced out surfboards
Cause this year we riding the wave
Just riding the wave, just riding the wave

[Fes Taylor:]
Gravy baby, you can't Bathing Ape me
If it ain't pair of Air's, then it ain't me
Radical dude, got enough bars I
Shatter your view, battle your whole crew
Midnight train to Georgia, like Gladys and dude
Then I'm off to Florida, shirt off, showing off my tattoos
Helicopter to the ocean liner
I pull a chopper up to coke line up
Like I don't know your honor, it's no designer
Cause I 'terminate' a nigga like I'm out looking for Sarah Connor
When I die like a pharaoh's who's honored, my apparel be honest
You won't find it at Jersey Gardens
Nah, real wavy like I'm hursing parking it
Told my label, we should of been the first to be marketed
I'm out robbing hoods, way I offered it
Steal from the rich, give to the unfortunate


To the people who would tell me not to quit, I won't forget it
It's like I cut this record just to write my thank-yous in the credits
Bet it's gonna send a message, I'm a true and faster essence
Got my swagger on me, after I was passed my adolescence
I guess a lesson that I learned is it was something missing
Now I get that I was trying too hard, to make people listen
And I was slipping til my man told me, check it
You play with your words, ain't no one playing your record
You playing yourself, and if you ever want 'em to play it
It's not what you saying, it's more bout how you say it
I'm not afraid and if the world was cold, cause I can brave it
And if the critism is constructive, I can take it
Cause life is sacred, plus it's really only what you make it
It's kinda like a lap around the track and gotta face it
Been paper chasing for so long, that I can almost taste it
Let's hit the pavement, time to take it out the basement


They say a nigga's on top now, plus a nigga hot now
I come to the club and tear the spot down
Shorty come here, ride this wave with me, cause my son he stays with me
That's for any nigga think they playing with me
They see my jewels shining, and nigga would love to get me
But first of all they gon' have to go through this love to get me
My swagger's wavelicious, see I'm a starter in the rap game
With Jordan endorsements, ya'll play the benches
I come through ya block stunting, make a grand entrance
I got celebrity bitches, I call 'em star kisses
My niggas get totally stoked
Stop hating on us, cause you totally broke
I'm like Ted DiBiase with a Million Dollar Belt
Bout to be the first rapper, coppin' a million dollar stealth
Ya'll try to bring hip hop in the grave
But this year we inviting ya'll to ride on this wave

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