Haters Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
I told niggaz talk is cheap
You spend too much time talking about other niggaz
You don't spend enough time trying to get yaself right
NahImean? Like...

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor & Benny K]
I hear niggaz talking 'bout me
Like I don't bust my gun and I ain't a G
They ain't believe I could be all I could be
Then why the f**k these haters hanging 'round me?

[Fes Taylor:]
In the hood they call me Kool-Aid (yea)
Aid ice and see me chill, y'all niggaz eating T.V. meals
I home cook, distribute coke, I'm a stone crook
Plus I stroke 70% of my phonebook
I roam for a juks, pull chrome on the look
You screaming your king got blown by a rook
You shook of the homies, never be another like me
Try to clone me, over a dope beat
I roll heat, spoke like a thief over wax
Like beef over tax, unfolding the stack
That'll have a nigga jealous, I do big things and
Have coke selling like chicken wings, we call 'em birds
Hoes be f**king, call 'em birds
Still fly and up above the clouds, no fuel on reserves
I'm just spreading my wings, I set up a sting
Let us suspects out, hold ya head in the bing
Anything jump in the ring, you swinging wild haymakers
I'm a daybreaker, blow haze with Baker
True indeed, Naughty by Nature, O.P.P.
Old Pistol Posse, show 'em they believe
When barrels pointed at faces, bullets travel in paces
I peeped that your attitude hatred, hater
Who greater than 2 Fly? A true player
You niggaz is shoe flies, do nothing but aggrevate ya

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Fes Taylor (Benny K adlibs)]
You know it's a wrap when it gets down
Get my nigga L.I. home, knowwhatImean?
My son in the Pocanos right now now with his feet up (Talking slick)
We in the studio, still doing the things we gotta do, man
(First thing in 33) Howl at ya wolf, Two 4 War...

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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