Gangsta Grillz Lyrics

[Fes Taylor:]
Gangsta this and gangsta this
Who you punch, who you clap, what face you slap?
In them Killah Hill streets, pull capers at
Roll my building like a business, make paper stack
Crack kills was the slogan, which record was that?
Got a west coast connect, fly to Vegas and back
I'm just playing with this music, it's for the people, amusement
They try to laugh after hearing you spit
Real foolish shit, I'm the coolest
I'm the shit like I manure this, smell like the seware did
I'm manuevered it, Flight 10304
First class, try to slide off with a stewardess
You can't touch me, I keep my MC Hammer
Near my 357 like the Oaktown
Nigga trust me, I pull a scrambler out
Run up in the 7/11, we call it touchdowns
Don't give a f**k now, middle finger you
I know some Wolves from uptown, I bring 'em through
Staten Isle zoo, plus my Brownsville homeys
Them niggas foul too, all the way from Soundview
To Rosedale, I post bail, police pulling on my coat tail
Co-D's saying that he won't tell
Life on the edge, with no real, soul mentality
Never get caught slipping, knowing I won't fail

[Chorus x2: Lot-a-Nerv]
They know that I'm a gangsta, gangsta
You talking shit about me, and I'm gon' run in your mouth
I'm a gangsta, gangsta
They already know about me, me and my niggas'll run in your house

I got it locked up, popped up, forty on the side
Don't get popped up, sixty on the wrist, see I'm rocked up
Don't need to talk, nah, see I'm lava, hot what?
Niggas want problems, the Staten Island monster
Nerv, I swerve on 'em like any time of the day
I'm the shit, you the shit, one meeting and I'm great
Like you meaning to stink, you probably meeting a pay
I should smack the shit, smelling like that, all in my face
Get 'em Fes, yeah, I'm tired of these rap niggas, I clap nigga
Blow the back offa these act niggas, I'm back, nigga
You already know, we trap niggas, we stack figures
Universal Stat, I'm that nigga, I'm back, nigga
And you already know

[Chorus x2]

[Hook x2: Fes Taylor]
Who that calling me out my name?
He gon' never retire, hustling 'caine
Until I've been in the fire, under the flame
And I ain't switch, muthaf**ka I'm the shit

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