G-ride Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Respect, I got it, I got it, I got it
It's Two 4! What up to my Top Guns?
My E.S.G. niggaz, yeah...

[Fes Taylor:]
The only man I held weight for
Was L.K. back in '94, first kicked in the door
Well Lover had the black L, Boogie had the red song
I was gettin' schooled by the Two Six Mob
Now I'm on my Two 4 shit, they pain a portrait
Me holdin' a four-fifth, same shit I go to war with
Even if I pause my verses still continue
Same strategy, tear apart any venue
Life like a menu, places I could send you
Friend or foe, life or death, nigga, you pick and choose
You know the rules if you blowin' them tools
Theyll move with ya face covered, hand over ya jewels
Hand over ya boo, and ya man soft too, ran all over ya crew

[Chorus: Fes Taylor]
Still, we get fresh, get fly, we fly
G5's, we ride, g-rides, we the shit, nigga
S.I., N.Y., 'fore I tell on my man, I'd rather fry
'Fore I'm labelled as a snitch, nigga

[Fes Taylor:]
Taylor the truth, I been told niggaz then
Y'all wasn't listenin', all this bullshit slippin' in
I'm different than him, better than them
Heal a hip-hop ear, got a medicine pen
Nigga, a veteran and, I sold over seventy grand
Ten dollar profit, I'm heavy again
Beef that'll bury ya friend (funeral parlor, nigga)
Like, don't ever cross the ferry again
Nigga, the Verazanno on lock, I got it mapped out
Know all the back routes, ya hideouts, ya stash house
Stones at ya glass house, nah, I'd rather let slugs on the Ave out
Still pullin' tags out


[Fes Taylor:]
Yo, Staten Island step it up like f**k that!
You know the crown is ours, now we want it back
Think my town is cowards?
In '98, Park Hill was part two of "Bout It, Bout It"
Nigga, in the West, wildin' out in the housin'
My Jungle Nillz niggaz, they was pullin' in thousands
My New Brighton niggaz had it lookin' like the '80s
Fiends all on the Ave, lookin' all crazy
My Stapleton niggaz, remember Duece Mob days?
Ricochet had the duece-tray, nigga, that was blue and gray


[Outro: Fes Taylor]
Snitch-ass nigga, niggaz is tellin' and shit, right?
We know that, we'll do our stand at the Halloween Warehouse, nigga

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Record Label(s): 2015 Chambermusik Special Products

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