Double Up Lyrics

[Intro: Black Jesus]
What's good, ya'll, it's your boy Black Jesus
For the mixtape, and my nigga Fes Taylor
We gon' lay it down right quick, man
Harlem 6 forever, Chambermusik, what's good baby?
What's going on Clef? AGR, Wil Power what's good baby?
Sourface, let's go, my nigga

[Black Jesus:]
You don't really really want it, f**k beef, like fish, I gut it
Give you airtime, you ain't reach that public
You not a boss, you a puppet, controlled by the bootleg hate
Niggas is gay, to let God judge it
I'm disgusted with like most of ya'll, so I had to break ya balls
Cause Taylor felt the same way, brung the extra SK
Will light that ass up, if you looking for problems
Leave 'em gutted and trash dumped, in the middle of Harlem
I'm squeezing for a reason, on your plot and treason
Before I let the game die, you niggas won't be breathing
Looks is deceiving, you'se a punk on the low
I'm taking your cash fast and killing you real slow
Nigga you ain't know, but you knowing it now though
Nigga I don't spit flames, homey I spar flows
I'm lava, my product gets hotter and hotter
Like Jesus and the Harlem 6, we cornering the market

[Chorus: Black Jesus]
These are pushing flows, bout to be on a roll
Brother, you ain't know
Got to get that dough, shit is outta control
Letting beef unfold
Better get that game, like a real sick thang
Nigga, we don't care
Nigga, it's our time, trynna stop my grind
And I'll pop my nine

[Fes Taylor:]
Aiyo, bred Manhattanville nigga, move to the Killah Hill
Beastie Boys tell the homey to chillie chill
They wanna kill me still, I feel a milly, still
Get me protected like a vest or a riot shield
So when I fire steel, bitches admire my wheel
Even the haters say my attire is I'll
Taylor I'm too cool, plus all this ice in my jewels
Probably drop the temp in the room, I icicle fools
Staten to Harlem got Dispet swag
Shoot a nigga wearing Wu-Tang masks, you don't gotta ask
We run New York, gangstas only listen when the gun talk
Either you loc'd out or play the bloodsport
Harlem 6, nigga, Two 4 War
You niggas always be behind me, like a U-Haul door
So, follow my lead, ya'll couldn't follow my speed
Like your baby moms swallow my seeds, nigga


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