Cmg Salutes La Banga Lyrics

[Intro: Mr. Chernak]
Life will let you get away
With somethin for a while
Sooner or later, you will pay the price
When you get the bill? Heh, don't be shocked
Don't act like you don't understand
Everything you do in life causes the effects
That you experience, and when you get that bill
Be prepared to pay
When the moment of wreckoning comes
You may feel as if you unable to forgive yourself
You may be too proud, to ask for forgiveness
There may be no way you can make amends or restitutions
In the worst case scenario, you may be faced with all of these
Posibilities, at the same, time
And should that happen, remember this
Life knows what you capable of
The only reason life has taken the time
To point out your shortcomings
And nasty habits, is that life wants you to act like you know who you are
This is called Self Support, Self Care and Self Love
Until today, you may not of have realized
That you have allowed others to be involved
In a crime against you, you may have allowed them
To support you and sacrificing yourself
And believing that you are helping or serving them
Just for today, don't be a yes person
Take care of yourself, don't give what you have, for what you need
Be supportive and self loving enough
To say no, and in the words of the master, Malcolm X
Asa lama lakum, my brothers

[Chorus: T-Bird]
Why must all my good brothers go
I'm asking God, that's the question I want to know
Know, know, so I'm asking him why
I think about you, while these tears is in my eyes
But I know God got a soldier in the sky
Sky, sky, shorty's gon' be alright

[Fes Taylor:]
Coming from Jersey, got the word, La's gone
House Gang CD on, pumping La's song
I think back, we was on tour
You was rocking my chain, I was rocking yours
Made me feel kinda strange, I can't even cry
Maybe cuz I'm used to hearing my people's die
Another casualty of war, but actually
I don't understand, so I'm asking the Lord
Is it all law, treated like dogs on all fours
Pain like you caught in the beartrap and lost paws
Take a short pause, and reminisce
Pain make me wanna forget, so my memory limited
How you finish it, we just beginning it
My homey's died for this, so I'm living it
Y. Million, wish I could bring him back to
I think it's time for my Loose Linx tattoo


[Inspectah Deck:]
How do I say goodbye? When I just said hi
When I just saw you riding by
When I just said those nights was fly
Now I look at your seed, and I see you when I look in his eyes
How can I be the same?
Knowing one day it's my turn to leave the game
I try to find ways to ease the ways, keep it dripping
Sipping VSOP, cuz my team is slain
While I'm writing, tears soaking the page, I'm so in the rage
I'm so in a daze, I'm still in denile
I'm blowing my haze, I can't get no higher, I'm going insane
If you can hear me and you watching me now
Give me a sign, something I can see now
Aiyo, I'm struggling to make it out of the hood, son
Damn, they took another good one


[Hue Hefna:]
Life crazy, amazed to have you puzzled
Head high, so I stand above my troubles
I sit and build with myself
Obama's right, change is better for your health
First it started wit the crabs in the barrel
My path straight, it used to be a little narrow
I had to make my circle tighter
No snakes allowed or crabs in my cypher
Still I'm praying for my homey's in the system
It's kind of hard, trying not to fall victim
Shine brighter than the sun, this is my solar system
Ninety degrees, flow sharper than a prism
Pain is more fuel to the fire
To get me closer to them things I desire
Trying to cool off cuz I'm moving through the fire
Life better than trees, gets me higher
I had to put a leash on my anger
Shit is crazy, rest in peace to La Banga
Another soldier gone but not forgotten
The truth will always shine, we get it popping

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Record Label(s): 2009 chambermusik records
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