Why So Serious Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Let me paint the picture, just sitting at the
Hospice, on the foot of the bed, feeling helpless
Like a hostage, today is my birthday, I came to
See my mom, show her my new pair of shoes and tell
Her about my new song, they wear a clean pair of
Jordan's, the eighty seven's to be exact, yo with all
White leather, and twenty three on the back, the
Song was "Part Two", it's all about the daily
Struggles and how they define who I am, and how
They left me feeling humble, but she can hardly
Concentrate, the Morphine makes her sleep, with
Deloted in her blood, makes her dreams start to peak,
She say's there's birds in her room, and she see's
Sidna in the halls, she hears voices in her head, and
They make her skin start to crawl, so I just sit and
Hold her hand, like her little boy should, tell her
Stories from her past and try and make her feel good,
I get sad, I can't help it, it's hard to watch you're
Mom die, I wish the clouds would open up and angels
Would take her to the sky...

[Verse 2:]
It was the very next day, we got the call from the
Hospice, we're told to get there quickly, because
You're mother looks exhausted, we had the whole troop
There from the cousins to the aunts, from my father to
My sister, I just can't hold back, I get a little out
Of line once they take her from her breath, now that
The oxygen's gone and there's really nothing left,
You ever heard death speak? it's almost more like a dream,
With a thousand tiny hands turning breaths into screams,
I don't want to be here, I just want to close my eyes and
Touch the hands of an angel, and watch the world cry,
But instead I see my dad hold my mother in his arms, with
His head in his hands, trying to heal a broken heart, I
Feel the pain in my chest, and it's not just hunger pains,
I'm full of hate and anxiety, like I swallowed razor
Blades, now it's time to go to sleep, I see the family
Dozing off, in the comfort of the couches, I get up and
Walk it off, I feel helpless, everyone's asleep around
Me, I feel my head start to fall and now my world is
Drowning, I feel a burden in my heart where my love use
To be, I remember saying to my mom, won't you please go
To sleep, I just can't take the stress of the family any
More, I wanna lead them all a stray with the words of
These songs, but as I watch them all dream, I see the
Peace fall and crumble, as I stand there quite, erasing
Dreams from there slumber... [x3]

[Verse 3:]
Is everybody comfy? ah yeah, good you should be, in the
Land of false hopes you can see right through me, to the
Waiting room angels catching up on sleep, it goes rock a
Bye baby, with my stomach full of grief, she took her very
Last breath with me sitting in the same room, just me and
My father, watched my mother shed her costume, I just want
To go to sleep and save lives like a light house, but death
Never speaks, watch guilt dry my eyes out, I hold grudge in
My heart so I can f**king bleed words, I don't know how I
Feel, but I know it's upserd, I just want to concentrate
Live life and be a better man, feel lost by myself and hear
Voices like the Son of Sam, so am I a bad person just because
I didn't cry? when she ran out of breath, you best believe
That I tried, so alive she had to die, once the cancer
Punched the clock, I'm so sorry I wasn't better, will this
Grief ever stop?

[Verse 4:]
A yo I'm fresh out of hugs, please mom, please forgive me,
I'm a broken set of teeth, you're little boys feeling filthy,
I guess I never felt the same, since we had that last fight,
I guess it's a matter of opinion, because I know I wasn't
Right, so now I'm buried in the words to another tribute
Track, Extra Kool the creature, creature, let me show you what
I lack, I hope you see Papa Joe, and I know that you'll
Forgive me, you're my mother, you're my life, I know you see
Through me... [x3]

[Verse 5:]
If I could do it all over, I would fall straight into the sun,
And try and fix the way I think with every breath in my lungs,
I would learn to concentrate and deal better with the man
I am, love life like a women and build faith like I know I can,
I'd learn to stay a sleep, and chase comfort from the start,
And place diamonds in my tears so Lindsay couldn't break
My heart, I'd trade lust for salvation and bow my head to my
Lover, I'd be a truly better man and thank the Lord for my
Mother, I got you're picture on my mantle, as a baby in you're
Arms, not a care in the world, as I'm sleeping through the
Storm... [x2]

[Verse 6:]
I just want to sleep-no pain just close my eyes
I just want to sleep-lay still, feel hypnotized
I just want to sleep-stay calm, blow away the fear
I just want to sleep-so my guilt will just disappear [x2]
I just want to sleep [x5]

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Record Label(s): 2008 Dirty Laboratory
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