The Hills Lyrics

The hills have eyes, close your eyes and fall a sleep, swallow fear it's time to
Die, stolen breath and heart beats. [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Swallowed whole I take control, as her body sleeps next to me, our broken hearts
They feed on souls, I barely move, I'm breathing heavily, surprised she keeps me
Conscious, keeps me locked inside of dreams, swollen thoughts they breed with
Logic, her mouth tears when she screams, misery is just a reject, run my fingers
Across her skin, hand in hand we tease the devil, smiled soft we must pretend,
Now we'll never spread our wings, better luck to pick our pockets, everyday is
Halloween call my bluff a living hostage, starts with sin she dances quickly,
Sprouts her horns and claws my back, clinch my life as condescending, spill my
Thoughts as habitat, break my limbs and leave me flat, I can still hear her

[Verse 2:]
I can still hear her laughing, twisted limbs I give in sacrifice, I'm history in
The making, a subtle death I view from satellite, now I'm off to wage a war,
Bloody fingers, still intact, simply blind we dine with whores, send our love we
Bleed exact, keep the courage in my stomach, so the hills will never see me, a
Loss of life will never plummet, cost of living comes with grieving, now I'm all
Teary eyed, except for the rest, I'm draped in giggles, cuddled hugs for fear of
Cries, simple plots, I'm not your hero, zeros taint, when faced in holocaust,
Frozen birds they sing, halos rust, we burn like molocaughts will demons waste
My dreams, misery and faded screams, smile less your just a hypocrite.

[Verse 3:]
Misery and faded screams, smile less your just a hypocrite, I am a trail of
Empty beings, a sadly walk to drag in innocents, I'm gonna burn these arms down,
First we burn with apathy, grimaces fold untold now, I'm a happy casualty, I'm a
Makeshift romance, sell my thoughts off now until we fly, I'm gonna smile inside
My skin, yes I'm a tainted lullaby, lullaby's to quickly tease my love to feed
In cobwebs, set my hands to feel the wind, in silent steps we bleed I promise,
Set my heart to feel accomplished, set my eyes to see me squirm, set my mouth to
Kill the gossip,
Set the hills to free the worms, with savage thoughts we all must burn.

[Hook x3]

[Verse 4:]
I'm a cuddly little monster, stack the tears to sleep with humans, sucker punch
To imped imposter's, shed the thorns to chance the foolish, she's repulsed to
Die within, I'm repulsed to give my fluids, heavy lies will die with sins,
Shattered sight has left me clueless, shaken hearts they trade with busies,
While the rest we shape in poetry, in the nothing I waste all by myself, yes I'm
Gonna die unknowingly, now I'm off to cut the finger tips, while we rot in rose
Peddles, sickly eyes they spill on ignorance, simply shocked we watch the souls

[Verse 5:]
Simply shocked we watch the souls settle, I am nothing more, a custom life we
Built from gun metal, a desperate cry we lace in porn, vacant eyes have lost
There abilities, these stitches have lost there seems, silence has had it's
Cost of of killing me, caustic tongues are gasoline, mystery is overrated, trace
The arms across the outlines, I'm gonna waste outside the head, these victims,
Are crossed for genocide, humbling experiences teases heads, there torn from
Impatience, yes I'm gonna spill in slivered hymns, these hills they calm my
Dominance, we're all going to hell, while angels speak we fake our halo's,
Punctured holes in wrists from nails, we burn our love so we can lay low, sado's
Talk with my religion, with twisted lips, we swallow kisses.

[Verse 6:]
With twisted lips we swallow kisses, while on board she abandons energy, all
Alone, I threaten kittens, we sell my plots to sleep with enemy's, it's just
We're all tuckered out, I swing my sword to counter heathens, I keep the hate
Inside my mouth, it's simple lust to drop on demons, now I'll never live to
Tempt her, desquise my body and leave me flat, I'll quickly die to lose my
Temper, spread my life from coming back, broken horns are contradiction, and
Broken thumbs can ruin appetites, a sickly mind shows competition, while icky
Breathes a prayer for parasites, afterlife incisions, drops the head I fold, it
Makes me laugh, now I'm lost outside myself, now we're gonna spill our
Telegraphs, no coming back to quickly just for more it's nearly over.

[Verse 7:]
No coming back to quickly just for more it's nearly over, shivers breed inside of chills, distort our minds
Erased by soldiers, shallow screams are erased by dignity, then devotion's erased by guilt,
Shadows talk in line for thrilling me, I close my eyes and erase the hills, it's just a
Beautiful little subject, scented soft to bleed our broken guns, then I'm gonna sit and face the world,
Then I'm gonna eat them one by one, the belly's never full, except for torn
We lapse in bondage, kind of soft she touches limbs to shead my skin, but at
Least she's honest, now I'm draped in hunger pains, I'd sell my luck to cross me over,
(an ended life to taste of Novocain, I've shattered thoughts of all I've told her.) [x2]

[Hook x4]

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Record Label(s): 2007 Dirty Laboratory

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