Opposable Thumbs Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Let's play shoot the messenger, and giggle at his chest pains, obedience is a virtue,
Of lost smiles, comfort in Novocaine, stagnation, just another name for impotence,
I guess I'm bound to watch these walls bleed, won't you help me drown the innocence,
Caustic heads feed licorice, and this heart bleeds sorrow, I'm crucified to where the legs break
It's icky strange of sleepy hollow, but crack fingers can't swallow, and these cut outs filter hand jobs,
It's force-fed exaggeration, for these simplistic little heart throbs, and I'd be tickled to break the door knobs
But these butterflies won't ditch me, it's hard to smile with loose grins, and this addiction feels filthy,
I'm decomposed with the times, oh how they'd love to spill me, but it's all silence when the mouth bleeds,
And it's ever so thrilling, oh my gosh this brings a new meaning to blood money, you see heaven is a prostitute,
Who puts out even when she bleeds, her needs grieve nothing, and I realize that I'll probably lose some brownie points for that one,
But these idle hands have left me comatose, and empty hugs have loaded the last gun, the caps sung,
Chauvinistic opinions and brave weaponry, we've all tasted infection, and waster one is my enemy,
And as I see it the creator always dies, it's a swallow from the end, and you can see it in his eyes.

And the lord only knows if I can't stomach it, the worst wars to wage are self-inflicted, idle hands have opposable thumbs
Ah, just kill it

[Verse 2:]
As I peel back these bones, all these kisses keep tingling, opposable thumbs, that's nonsense
For these lazy hands of heavy breathing, the devil is bleeding, and I'm sick of swimming through teardrops,
I can taste the salty goodness, as I suffer from the head shots, disposable slipknots, ingested ready to make these next fall,
Lil bo peep lost her sheep, lil does she know, that the villagers ate them all, she'd make them crawl, if only she knew my face hates gossip,
Poison pens ink the page, and the wrist-slitters killed the logic, but we're all allergic, sick, deaf, dumb or dying, I kill something in every track
And I promise I'll keep trying, no fibs because we all end up dead in the long run, I'm six heads of cesspools, oh I got a live one,
Let's turn the chuckles off man, because this shame is unconditional, remember the hollow head screams, when we blaspheme
Across the cynical, let's spark the ritual, oh no that's the devil's work, these hands are torn down, when the smiles leave,
Sworn to make these stitches smirk, sizable jerks and these demons won't stop teasing me, no matter how much I cut the skin
They just laugh and keep eating me, it's constantly teetering and this chest lacks ambition, I'm still as dejected as the last one,
Just a little more ripe, but now I'm ready to burn the bridges, Mister Kool as a heart throb, a spineless man sinking from these wishes,
Nothing has changed but the age, and these crumbs are always so delicious.

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Record Label(s): 2005 Dirty Laboratory

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