Do Not Disturb Lyrics

[Dr. Dooom]
Night time
It's dark outside
I'm the man with the pumpkin
Oh no (oh yeah)

I'm above big stars with whack raps
Can you imagine the silly contestant tryin to spit with
Over a tit with shoes and slacks
Then repeated pieces of feces talkin recycled subjects
on the major label
Lawyers solicitin tracks
I'm ashamed of everybody pressed up on wax
Because they rusty and corroded, and skirt and pump
To walk the streets with nightgowns and teddy bears
Don't give me Teddy stares
You might as well get a petition to add more packs of
Sittin in the barber chair, at your local swap meet
The kicks from Bruce Lee, you can't stop me

The buried bones and stuff (do not disturb)
Bloodstains on the pickup truck (do not disturb)
The voodoo dolls are tough (do not disturb)
They return to dust (do not disturb)

[Dr. Dooom]
Your chance to talk the same stuff is irrelevant to me
You're a glorified peasant to me
Your chick has the face of the gorilla~!
Of course she can bring a present to me
A guy that look like "Friday the 13th" Jason after he
is goin to court, can you believe a real jealous
monster's mad?
Cause my vocals stay clear, with his amputated ears on
the floor
The court papers I tore
You come with it, now medical center wanna sue me
Play the back of the club Rolex release some more that
wanna do me
Take the top of my head, baby use the grease instead
Girls get mad put your weave into a ponytail
Head down to see basketball players with a sign on your
that say "booty for sale"
The worms crawl up your skin in a roach motel
In a one-star jacuzzi, my feet soak so well
Sign on the door, monkies don't ring the bell


[Dr. Dooom]
Now that the pickup truck is fixed up, the F-150
Ridin past the hornet house, doin F one-sixty
The wolves start howlin when I come up the road
The animals peep my flow, the reindeers jump across my
windshield wipers
The moose clap, your whole town miss me
Especially after late '95, run up to Poughkeepsie
Don't test me, slidin down your face with a jet ski
Ask anybody in circle that met me
I'm not a good babboon but you still wanna pet me
Woman think I'm bugged out but the Louis V notepad make
you sweat me
Some with VW motors in they mind, don't have the power
to outjet me

[Chorus] - 2X

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Songwriter(s): Kurt Matlin, Keith Thornton
Record Label(s): 2008 threshold recordings, LLC
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