Step-n-fetchers Lyrics

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah~! A special bulletin
Dr. Dooom

Now I'm lookin from the outside, a lot of soul sellin
Tuxedo rebellin, they posted up with a lot of Duke
Retarded storytellin
Blacks with white lips, chewin chicken and watermelon
Corporate tapdancers, they sap dancers
Monkies with money with cups
On they feet, they sing and rap on every beat
They can't seem to notice, the glamorous
Slick three marble soundcheck floors
I guess the demons soundcheck yours
The Betty Boo's of rap
They make you lose in rap

Stephen (yessir!) Fetcher (I'll fetch it)
Tap dance (I'se ready) Monkies with a cup

[Dr. Dooom]
Go head up there, and play the guitar
Look like a starving slave, what way are you trying to
Youse a artificial, piece of tissue
Takin up space in another issue
The public stay laughin, I don't have to get you
Youse a test tube baby
The test tube Cag' Lacey
You too Sammy Davis'd out to face me
With one eye on Broadway, how you gon' face me
in broad day, with the food tray?
Flyin your way, out of Rahway
Your hand turn spicy, sautee
Soakin in the Oil of Olay
Upsettin your stomach, girl got you takin fart pills
A lot of Rolaids
You think you somethin, with rubber bands on your


[Dr. Dooom]
The music got you hot, in the hotel
The whims that you gettin flimsy
Fred Astaire'd out, you wear it out like you could vic
You move and switch, like Frank's hot but Frank you not
You think you not, the overtime mill' spent to promote
You think you flow too
Anything you go to, you let the man behind you come and
mold you
Your chick set up the night, she told you
Envelope'd up, they lick and fold you
You just a ball around the team they throw you
You can't count, tell me how much they owe you
A place to live, a studio with ProTools?
Advance in the car
Now you ridin around like you so cool

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Dr. Dooom]
This goes out to the Uncle Toms in the music business
Don't pretend that you don't~!
I watch the Grammies every year, and the American Music
I see all of y'all doin the monkey dance

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Songwriter(s): Keith Thornton, Kurt Matlin

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